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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Claudia Alvis Translator

Claudia Alvis Translator

The filter tool from Firefox sidebar is not working - 16 views

firefox diigo sidebar bug Mozilla Firefox resolved
  • Claudia Alvis Translator
    I get zero results when I'm using the sidebar from Firefox. Both Tags and Search seem to be stuck and Search takes forever. I do have the latest version.
  • Claudia Alvis Translator
    I don't have the problem anymore but I had to uninstall Firefox and install everything again to fix it. Uninstalling Diigo didn't fix it. Thanks for following up.
Claudia Alvis Translator

My quick access filters are empty - 9 views

diigo bug help
started by Claudia Alvis Translator on 10 Dec 09 no follow-up yet
  • Claudia Alvis Translator
    Even though my tags are available, my quick access filters from the Diigo toolbar are all empty (except for recent).
Claudia Alvis Translator

Number of bookmarks in the same tags are diff. in the tag cloud vs. the tag section - 15 views

How do lower_upper case work in diigo tag help
started by Claudia Alvis Translator on 07 Jun 09 no follow-up yet
  • Claudia Alvis Translator
    The number of tags in the tag cloud (My Tags) is different than the number of tags shows in that tag section (where the tag is in the URL):

    The part where the number of bookmarks is visible is cut off. This is the link:

    I don't know if the cloud needs some time to refresh or not, or some of my tags are actually missing. Both todo and TODO show the same number of tags.
Claudia Alvis Translator

Suggestion: In-page markers - 11 views

  • Claudia Alvis Translator
    So I'm trying to follow some procedures that I found online and the highlighting tool has been invaluable! Thanks for that. But sometimes one kind of marker is not enough. It would be great having different kinds of markers like multiple-colored highlighting tools or custom markers (like asterisks or check-marks, etc) that could be placed in a fixed place on the web page (next to a word or an image).

  • Claudia Alvis Translator
    "The introduction of markers that can not be moved will be problematic if, for example, the content of a page changes. "

    I see. But wouldn't that restriction apply to highlighted text also? I mean, using a transparent highlight effect with a marker attached the the highlight marker (which in turn would be attached to the text) would do the trick. And it would work with the same code--just a different appearance.

    The problem with the yellow speech bubbles is that they move. In the past, I've added a speech bubble and when I go back to that website, the bubble is not in the same position.

    "private, group and public highlights"
    How does that work? My highlights are private by default but I don't know how to make them public. And when I try to add them to a group, nothing happens.

    Thanks for the improvements BTW. I use Diigo all the time. I love it!
Claudia Alvis Translator

Toolbar icons show up twice - 8 views

toolbar bug
started by Claudia Alvis Translator on 16 May 09 no follow-up yet
Freddie Krueger

Selecting any tags shows error: "no bookmarks tagged (tag name)" - 347 views

tags-related bug resolved
started by Freddie Krueger on 24 Apr 09 no follow-up yet
Claudia Alvis Translator

Awesomest Web site application ever! - 33 views

started by Claudia Alvis Translator on 01 Apr 09 no follow-up yet
Claudia Alvis Translator

How do I make the 'Add Bookmark' button red/pinkish once a url is added? - 33 views

Firefox toolbar custom help
  • Claudia Alvis Translator
    I reinstalled Firefox and now the icon doesn't change its color when I add a bookmark or tag. My settings are the same I think. I'm talking about the icon to add a bookmark.

  • Claudia Alvis Translator
    No error, the websites are added just fine (I checked), and the error message is not displayed (I've seen it before). I can even delete them with the 'Remove this bookmark' option. It was working fine in another installation but after I formatted my computer and installed the diigo addon again, the icon is not changing colors.
  • Claudia Alvis Translator
    Yup, apparently the same Diigo buttons can't work at the same time in two different toolbars. Thank you Joel.
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