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Jean-Lou Dupont

Auto-Hide toolbar - 101 views

toolbar hide help suggestion

started by Jean-Lou Dupont on 01 Jun 09
  • Jean-Lou Dupont
    Is there any settings along the lines of "auto-hide toolbar" available?
  • Graham Perrin
    > keyboard shortcut to toggle toolbar

    Apple Safari in Mac OS X

    Showing the toolbar

    As I have Diigolet in first place in the Bookmarks Bar, I key
    to present the toolbar.

    Hiding the toolbar

    I can't think of a way to accelerate hiding of the toolbar of Diigolet 3.1b523.

    AutoHotKey for Windows

  • Wade Ren
    good suggestion.

    coming soon.
  • Chris R
    is this coming soon? I can do this with diigolet on safari, but how do I perform on firefox, chrome or opera? Thanks.


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