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Andrew Wetzel

Diigo and the rise and fall of Delicious | - 30 views

  • you can add a note to a webpage that you're bookmarking and then send a special URL with the site and note.
    • Andrew Wetzel
      Some shrewd marketing there...
    you can add a note to a webpage that you're bookmarking and then send a special URL with the site and note.
Scott Beamer - 10 views

  • Diigo has been an often requested addition. We have some concerns, however. First Diigo's API requires sending your username and password in the clear on each request. In practice, that may not be a problem, but we prefer to send aaccount credetials over encrypted channnels. That doesn't seem to be possbile with Diigo, currently.
    • Scott Beamer
      I hope Diigo fixes this soon....
    Capture your Tweets with URLs in them and save said URLS to your Diigo bookmarks!
Michèle Drechsler

socialbookmarking in the field of education. Michèle Drechsler thesis - 11 views

    Socialbookmarking practices in the field of education : semantic, socio-cognitive and formative affordances Research about Diigo's communities.
Peggy George

Top 20 Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites - 17 views

    "Top 20 Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites | January 2010 Here are the 20 Largest Social Bookmarking Websites ranked by a combination of Inbound Links, Alexa Rank, and U.S. traffic data from Compete and Quantcast."
    Interesting compilation of social bookmarking sites. Great to see Diigo in the top 20!
Gordon Herd

Twitter as a Personal Learning Network (PLN) | What's New in the World? - 3 views

  • Personal Learning Networks are all the rage at the moment. As with a lot of “modern” things, they’re existed for a long time but have now got a snappy new name. It used to be called “advice from friends and colleagues”. But in the era of social media the word friend has taken on a new meaning. Social media has provided me with a lot of friends who I’ve never met and never spoken to. I’ve exchanged a few tweets with them, commented on or received comments on a blog article, or maybe read a few forum posts, and as a result these people are, in Web 2.0-speak, friends. A PLN can take advantage of lots of different services – Facebook is perhaps the best-known, Ning is also very popular and offers The Educator’s PLN, but there are lots of others, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Of all the available services, the one I find the most fascinating (and the most useful) is Twitter. One of the most interesting things I learned about Twitter before I even tried it was that it is like Marmite. It polarises.
    Article on the use of twitter as a personal learning network.
Gilmar Mattos

Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket - 1 views

    Another alternative for uploading and sharing pictures.
    Hi, could you post this bookmark instead to a group that's related to sharing of photos and videos? Thanks.
yc c

Fytch Review at ReadWriteWeb - Fytch Blog - 1 views

  • However, we like the way Fytch has implemented their service - a bookmarklet! Finally, a company that thinks the browser itself is the future, not another downloadable app.
    • yc c
      HEY!! Maybe they don't know about Diigolet. Just the othet day I was thinking Diigolet is one of the strongest points about Diigo...
    Beyond Diigo: there is a growing number services that provide scripted (e.g. Diigolet) or installed approaches to commenting upon web pages. I find/place most related discussion in Maggie's Web 2.0 group. In my experience, none of the alternatives to Diigo offer such a rich or high-performing service.
    I really think it should be highlighted on the homepage like Fytch - Installing an extension is a decisive influence in choosing a service. It's one of the most important reasons I use Diigo - I can't install the toolbar everywhere I go. Diigolet, a mention on the first page... I think is a A MUST!

FunCaster: Sharing on Web 2.0 No Longer Means Having to Upload - 0 views

    A widget that displays desktop content on most of the Web 2.0 sites... Makes it possible to share without uploading to any server.
Mah Saito

Webサイトを進化させるWeb2.0サービス実践ガイド - 0 views

  • Section 3.10 「ソーシャル・アノテーション」Diigo Section 3.11 Diigoで情報を整理する Section 3.12 メール・ブログとDiigoを組み合わせる Section 3.13 Diigoと他のSBMを組み合わせる
    This is the guidebook for web2.0.
Christopher Watson

kis21learning wiki / Must-Have Accounts for Read-Write Web - 0 views

  • Hint: use the same username and password you use for everything else (except your bank account). First, create a bookmark folder labeled HS Accounts in your bookmarks toolbar on Firefox: Firefox > Bookmarks > Bookmark this page > Click Expand Triangle (Right of "Create In") Bookmarks Toolbar > New Folder > Web 2.0 > Add   Here we go. A Baker's Dozen Bookmarks:
    • Clay Burell
      If I could be any kind of artist or performer, my fantasy would be to become a __________________ (ex., writer, photographer, painter, filmmaker, musician, talk-show host, comedian, journalist, etc.).
  • Join the KIS 1:1 laptop Diigo group so we can play with the million life-sa ving ways you can use this for yourself or your classes.  Install the Firefox Diigo toolbar. Restart Firefox. Click "install" On Diigo Toolbar, click dropdown triangle > SHOW ANNOTATIONS > GROUPS > 1:1 Laptop See anything different?  Hover over it
  • Click "install" On Diigo Toolbar, click dropdown triangle > SHOW ANNOTATIONS > GROUPS > 1:1 Laptop See anything different?  Hover over it
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • Subscribe to it with Bloglines!
    • Christopher Watson
      I noticed Bloglines is the reader of choice here. Specific reasons? Is it back to beating Google Reader? Thanks.
Maggie Tsai » Blog Archive » Web apps vs. Desktop apps - 0 views

  • Until now, most people were not on the internet so naturally you got your programs on a disk…  now we’re seeing more and more web based applications, and Web 2.0.  If you don’t know what this is figure it out, try delicious, google docs, diigo, netvibes, wordpress…  point is everyone can create and sort the content, not just "webmasters"  the internet is an extension of our minds, we can’t leave it to corporations to create and organize the content for obvious reasons…  all corporations have their vested interests and see the public as consumers, they’d rather you buy something from them, doesn’t matter if its the best or in your best interest or good for your health, etc.  the web 2.0 movement has been mostly a public movement
eyal matsliah

Top 5 Bookmarking Applications - Jots tops the group > Web 2.0 application listings, we... - 1 views

  •   Top 5 Bookmarking Applications – Jots tops the group Wednesday, April 18, 2007
  • Jots won the race for the top bookmarking site, followed closely by Simpy, Diigo, and digg.
  • per the views registered here at NEO Binaries.
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • Diigo Diigo is what surfing should have always been like. Diigo is a combination of many things together, social bookmarking, storing clippings, annotations, tagging, search, sticky notes and sharing of this information with others. It’s a great to store private web snippets.
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ken meece

Five Ways to Mark Up the Web - 2 views

  • Jim Stroud April 10th, 2007 at 10:34 pm I use Diigo religiously! In my professional life, I train recruiters on how to use the internet to find hidden talent as well as conduct extensive online research on behalf of my employer. I tell EVERYONE that Diigo is THE product to use (bar none) and encourage any and all to try it for themselves. I diigo! Do you diigo?
  • Phil97 April 10th, 2007 at 11:16 pm I’ve spent a lot of time using Diigo. I’ve looked over the other services you mention, just in case there was something better out there. Day in and day out, I can work more quickly and easily. It’s so powerful I still haven’t scratched the surface. They seem to be making it better all the time, and they listen to their users. Diigo rocks the Web!
  • lela April 11th, 2007 at 6:57 am Diigo! I am a diigo user.and through my using,i find diigo is very easy.This litter tool has made my study very conveniently . I have introduced this tool to my classmates .Because this ,i want to be a diigo spreader.
  • ...15 more annotations...
  • The fundamental problems of annotation, regarding construction and usability - remain, even though the web infrastructure has opened up.
  • The memex concept of “trails” doesn’t seem to be captured by many of the current systems (except perhaps TrailFire and ShiftSpace? ) I think the wiki article on memex covers the differences:
  • We could be wrong about that, perhaps Diigo or some evolved form of Google Notebook will be the One True Meta-web the market selects. But we should at least stop to consider what it means to have our online culture be privately controlled (or pseudo-publicly controlled; ICANN, etc.).
  • Search has led us astray. A better solution may well come from the way we filter information in real life (where we can’t search cause its not free, there’s no google for the real world). We start locally with things we trust and bring in sources local to those. I trust the NYT and my friends, and find new things to trust from there. When I want to find out something, THAT’s the set I want to search.
  • brings to YOU information from YOUR socially proximate and trusted sources. Wherever you browse the web, it tells you what your personally selected Crowd of friends, bloggers etc have said.
  • does this for blogs. Tell Rovr what blogs you like and wherever you browse on the web, rovr tells you what they’ve said about the page you’re on.
  • Wade Ren April 11th, 2007 at 6:04 pm Re: Meer on Diigo - “90% of those features (except annotation) are rarely used by a regular web surfer. Indeed, web annotation itself is not for 90% of the users, and is likely to be adopted only by the minority of the web users who consume information diligently. After all, everyone knows that having a pen and a highlighter while you read is really helpful for digesting and retaining information — but how many actually do it? For the minority of the users that do make use of web annotation, our user feedback tells us Diigo’s other features are quite appreciated. In addition, the Diigo plug-in is completely customizable, allowing users to only keep the features they want
  • For this reason, we are positioning JumpKnowledge as more of a personal annotation tool and not a social annotation tool. This allows us to focus JKN and make it easy as possible to use for non-technical creators and readers.
  • This has enabled search engines to index their pages and generate a fair amount of organic traffic.
  • Wade Ren April 11th, 2007 at 11:54 am Nick, Thanks for covering the web annotation area and mentioning Diigo here. Since the Techcrunch review last August, we have been developing lots of new features and we hope we can give you a demo soon. As a sort of quick showcase of Diigo, click this link to see some annotations on this post — no plug-in is needed and you can be using any of the major browsers (firefox, ie, opera, safari) .
  • Stickis Subscribe to only the annotations you want Stickis is a web page annotation service that lets you subscribe to content “channels” from your friends and the community via a browser plugin.
    • eyal matsliah
      the same functionality is in diigo's display annotations by group
  • We’re looking forward to achieve a point where we not necessarily compete but can share resources and standards and work together to finally make this great potential for a metaweb to come true.
  • eyalnow April 18th, 2007 at 9:02 am I discovered Diigo two months ago, became an avid user and a self-proclaimed product evangelist, and recently started working for the company. Diigo for me is the knowledge-management solution I was looking for. What sets diigo apart is that it handles *Knowledge*, rather than mere links. It is the ONLY solution that lets me *permanently* highlight and annotate specific text on a webpage, which is then saved to my diigo profile. Diigo complements the mental process in which a sentence “jumps” at you, and you make a mental note about it. By highlighting the sections I deem important, I better understand and remember what I read. I believe there is scientific proof for this. As time goes by, I’m building a repository of all the important Knowledge I find on the net, which I can easily manage, tag, retrieve and aggregate. Regarding the ’social’ aspect: Diigo provides me immediate personal benefits, and I can then share this knowledge with others of my choosing, and follow what other individuals or groups are finding on the net. Not just the pages(links) they are browsing, but the actual sections that they deem important, and their reactions to it. I think that Diigo is not only for ‘researchers’. Most of us conduct some sort of research whenever we read a news article, shop for an appliance, view photos or videos, or read a blogpost. Although I appreciate the other services, and might occasionally use some of them, I find that Diigo already incorporates and combines MOST of their important features, in a way that is more robust and scalable. Diigo specifically addresses the issue that was mentioned in the introduction of this tech-crunch comparison - mark up the web and make annotations on webpages.
  • I diigo! Do you diigo?
    • ken meece
      "I diigo! Do you diigo?" i want a T-shirt that says this on the back, along with the DIIGO logo and on the front? the Firefox fox logo, of course
  • I diigo! Do you diigo?
    review of Diigo, Fleck, shiftspace , stickis , trailfire,
eyal matsliah

Collective Intelligence: Cogenz, ConnectBeam, Stikkit, Diigo | Webware : Cool Web apps ... - 3 views

  • We've seen Diigo before, but now it has a few tweaks to simplify it. Diigo is meant as a collaborative research tool to let you highlight and bookmark specific portions of text you find on the Web. Diigo now also lets groups discuss highlighted text and and publish it onto a blog.
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Moultrie Creek

Family Matters: Mashup! - 0 views

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Clay Burell

Beyond School: diigo - 1 views

    Clay Burell's Diigo posts on his Beyond School blog.  Includes some screencast tutorials and student testimonials.
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Diigo - Web2.0List - 0 views

shared by helloe on 14 Feb 07 - Cached
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