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Contents contributed and discussions participated by SocialStream !

Tim K

Private profile possible? - 39 views

hide private
started by Tim K on 05 Apr 09 no follow-up yet
Claudia Alvis Translator

Awesomest Web site application ever! - 33 views

  • SocialStream !
    Diigo does not provide any instant show /hide option to There ToolBar . but it will be a great suggestion to a show/hide button just like Stumble Upon Has
  • SocialStream !

    just asking , which u like most . Diigo Toolbar or Diigilet

    - Abhisshek
Lachlan Gemmell

Just arrived from Furl - So how do you say your name? - 22 views

help resolved
Tim K

Requested Fulr import 2+ weeks ago, still nothing - 30 views

Furl import private help
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    for faster response contact them or for private comunication mail them info[at]diigo[dot]com
  • SocialStream !
    Diigo is a small company ( AFAIK 20 people) with excellent conceptual product idea. they has less resource then other Big corporate . thats why they need more time then any other big company . plz be patient :) ur bookmark will add to diigo b4 furl going to off but 1st they need to sort out all coding probs
Paul Welsh

Favicon Support - 84 views

suggestion favicon interface
Graham Perrin

Suggestions - 49 views

suggestion FAQ gpd4
started by Graham Perrin on 31 Mar 09 no follow-up yet
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    thnx for this links in one Place . u r the BEST ( Brilliant, Elegant, Smart, Talented ) Diigo use :) I really mean it .
Kip Gregory

Still don't have access to cached Furl pages 2 weeks after transfer - 40 views

furl caching transfer patience resolved
started by Kip Gregory on 30 Mar 09 no follow-up yet
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    but if u really need thouse site urgently u can enter to furl and view those site . in the mean time Diigo will sort out its technical problems with furl

    use Diigo for new site now . ur old furl cache will add to Diigo few later (weeks when Diigo fix all bugs)

    and for old sites use Furl for now :)

    Abhisshek ( Just a Diigo user )

Transfer of group ownership - 38 views

groups transfer help
started by S A on 30 Mar 09 no follow-up yet
  • SocialStream !
    plz post ur group's url so that Diigo Officials will know exactly wich Group u want to transfer .
Nina Birnbaum

How do I edit a previously bookmarked page? - 55 views

edit tags tag cache LookSmart Furl help
Nina Birnbaum

Furl transfer did not transfer all files/subjects - 11 views

furl transfer help bug priority
started by Nina Birnbaum on 29 Mar 09 no follow-up yet
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    well ther is so much server load on Diigo . and Diigo is a small company with 12 people in there (as far as i know ) . so there they r trying there best , dont warry ur data will not be lost . but it need time ( few days ) please be patient .

    for relatively faster response contact or mail them info [at] diigo[dot]com

    - Abhisshek ( Diigo user )
Cee Bee

Bookmark description(s) belonging to private bookmarks do not save in private groups - 47 views

description private bookmark groups
started by Cee Bee on 28 Mar 09 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin liked it
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    try to click on quicksave link instead of save link then goto ur my bookmark page and then modify it ( i mean add to list or share with group or friends)
Graham Perrin

preview topic/message before submission - 62 views

preview forum topic GUI TTW suggestion gpd4
  • SocialStream !
    Diigo when u will give preview button in comments plz reply ( prefer non formal reply :)
  • SocialStream !
    oooo so fast official reply ( i didnt expect that ) thnx for fast reply :)
SocialStream !

how to can i get rid of deleted post showing off from community - 13 views

problem bug deleting community posts suggestion
started by SocialStream ! on 28 Mar 09 no follow-up yet
  • SocialStream !
    well every people preference is different . why not Diigo gives Viewing option for mod or owner for just hide those grey deleted post if not delete fully. so that i can work more easily and if i ( any other mod needed) those deleted post will go to group manage terminal and unhide again those deleted post viewing options .

    whats ur Take Diigo Officials !
SocialStream !

Need preview button b4 posting any comment on Forum - 6 views

forum topic comment suggestion duplicate
  • SocialStream !
    Need preview button b4 posting any comment on Forum very urjently. edit button is not always good .
  • SocialStream !
    really like that u hav every ref intact with ur comments . ur ref links r very useful :)
SocialStream !

Online indicator (the Green Dot) on My Profile not working - 37 views

bug online indicator green dot offline
  • SocialStream !
    hi Graham dont get me wrong but ur wuala is not working for me. i go to the site did not find any registering options ( it might be integrated with software client ) with i unable to install as its in format it will be easier for me if it is in .deb format and dont know how to change into .deb . can u help . i m new in Linux and hav no coding knowleage.

    or can u suggest any other pics sharing service with is easy for common people . i like (fm maker of url shorten service ( way better then Bitly or Tinyurls - IMO)
  • ...4 more comments...
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    i use ubuntu 8.10 (intrepid ibex) 64 bit with intel core 2duo in only one system (which is complitely Micro$oft' free :)

    Browser i use is Firefox 3.0.8 , Flock 2.0.3, Opera 9.64 ( will use Google Chrome when it will ready for linux) i sign in thru website log-in also signout thru website signout clicking. all cookies is acceptable in browsers . they auto cleared all cookies, history , cache, etc every time i closed browser fully

    what is FWIW ?
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    currently i dont hav any other aliens beside those two. i delete all my older Diigo alias ( kittrr, ZFT718) and not thinking of opening any new Alias .
  • SocialStream !
    Is your view still bugged? If so, please let us know details such as:

    --- no currently i dont see any online indicator error thnx :)
  • SocialStream !
    personally i like there innovative concept (i.e. free limiteless service :) but very dessapointed that its not working in my system :(
  • SocialStream !
    i took this screenshots 6.05 am IST (GMT+5:30)

    take a look
  • SocialStream !
Maggie Tsai

[Important] Furl transition update - 344 views

furl faq
started by Maggie Tsai on 20 Mar 09 no follow-up yet
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