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Claudia Alvis Translator

Awesomest Web site application ever! - 33 views


started by Claudia Alvis Translator on 01 Apr 09
  • SocialStream !
    Diigo does not provide any instant show /hide option to There ToolBar . but it will be a great suggestion to a show/hide button just like Stumble Upon Has
  • SocialStream !

    just asking , which u like most . Diigo Toolbar or Diigilet

    - Abhisshek
  • Graham Perrin

    Diigolet 3.15b02 feels superior when (a) highlighting, and (b) sticking notes to highlights. These two uses of Diigo are probably my greatest.

    Sidebar of Diigo Toolbar for Firefox is superior for viewing annotations, but this alone doesn't drive me to use Firefox.

    On Mac OS X, I do many things with Safari that are impossible with Firefox.

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