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SocialStream !

how to can i get rid of deleted post showing off from community - 12 views

problem bug deleting community posts suggestion

started by SocialStream ! on 28 Mar 09
  • Graham Perrin
    Hi, thanks for the screen shot.

    This is your manager's view of the group.

    Deleted bookmarks, topics and replies remain visible to the manager: as you see them, dimmed and struck through.

    Please be reassured that normal members of the group do not see this content at the web site.

    Depending on the type of alert preferred by each member, e.g. for this group , the member may receive the content via e-mail -before you edit or weed the content - but users seem to find this acceptable (knowing that a group's managers may keep the group tidy :) .

    In a group's infancy, the manager's view of deleted content may be a slight bother, but you soon get used to it. The mass of relevant content soon overtakes what is deleted.

    Kind regards
  • SocialStream !
    well every people preference is different . why not Diigo gives Viewing option for mod or owner for just hide those grey deleted post if not delete fully. so that i can work more easily and if i ( any other mod needed) those deleted post will go to group manage terminal and unhide again those deleted post viewing options .

    whats ur Take Diigo Officials !

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