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SocialStream !

Online indicator (the Green Dot) on My Profile not working - 37 views

bug online indicator green dot offline

started by SocialStream ! on 28 Mar 09
  • Graham Perrin
    Re your multiple identities, have you any others in addition to and ?

    When you work with multiple identities: do you work with multiple browsers and/or multiple computers?

    When you sign in and out of Diigo: on each occasion, which method do you use?

    In each situation: how do you prefer cookies?

    FWIW I'm aware of at least and (associated with one type of toolbar) and (coded within a menu) and I should not guess whether there are additional authentication routines.
  • SocialStream !
    hi Graham dont get me wrong but ur wuala is not working for me. i go to the site did not find any registering options ( it might be integrated with software client ) with i unable to install as its in format it will be easier for me if it is in .deb format and dont know how to change into .deb . can u help . i m new in Linux and hav no coding knowleage.

    or can u suggest any other pics sharing service with is easy for common people . i like (fm maker of url shorten service ( way better then Bitly or Tinyurls - IMO)
  • Graham Perrin
    Hi Abhisshek above is public, and should display a screen shot. No registration or installation required, simply view in your web browser.

    Off-topic from Diigo: there are other features in Wuala, including private groups (for which Wuala registration may be required), but here in this topic we're not using anything special. Just a web page displaying the screen shot :)
  • SocialStream !
    i use ubuntu 8.10 (intrepid ibex) 64 bit with intel core 2duo in only one system (which is complitely Micro$oft' free :)

    Browser i use is Firefox 3.0.8 , Flock 2.0.3, Opera 9.64 ( will use Google Chrome when it will ready for linux) i sign in thru website log-in also signout thru website signout clicking. all cookies is acceptable in browsers . they auto cleared all cookies, history , cache, etc every time i closed browser fully

    what is FWIW ?
  • SocialStream !
    currently i dont hav any other aliens beside those two. i delete all my older Diigo alias ( kittrr, ZFT718) and not thinking of opening any new Alias .
  • SocialStream !
    Is your view still bugged? If so, please let us know details such as:

    --- no currently i dont see any online indicator error thnx :)
  • SocialStream !
    personally i like there innovative concept (i.e. free limiteless service :) but very dessapointed that its not working in my system :(
  • Graham Perrin
    Abhisshek (aka KARR 4.0 ) wrote:

    > not working in my system :(

    I guess you mean Wuala desktop application for Linux (not Diigo :)

    > what is FWIW ?

    Sorry! leads to an explanation of this acronym.

    Another one I use a lot is AFAICT

    I should apologise to this group for letting Internet slang and abbreviations creep in, mostly during bug reports. Some of it stems from my earliest use of the Internet (I laugh when I think of those days) when it was thought economical/preferable to use acronyms like this!

    Off-topic from Diigo, re things related to Linux: I'll post to your Linux group :)

    Back on-topic to Diigo:

    > currently i dont see any online indicator error

    I'll boot my Ubuntu in a 32-bit VM and see whether I have issues similar to yours.
  • SocialStream !
    i took this screenshots 6.05 am IST (GMT+5:30)

    take a look
  • Graham Perrin
    Bug confirmed, the screen shot (thank you) helps me to re-focus on the opening line:

    Subject: Online indicator (the Green Dot) on My Profile not working

    This particular bug seems to bite profiles at/around observes that we do not use Diigo for real-time communication, I guess that other current issues will take priority over this one.

    Kind regards
  • Graham Perrin
    First summary

    @ Diigo

    On profile pages including and all green lights, including the green light for one's own presence, seem to fail. All are grey. and demonstrate.

    Earlier screen shots may be weeded in due course.
  • SocialStream !

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