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Can't completely delete hightlights/stickies - 37 views

I have a similar problem. I highlight some text and add a sticky note in Firefox (using the Diigo toolbar). Then, I add another comment. Whenever I delete one or both comments without deleting t...


Graham Perrin

how can I delete my user account? - 2250 views

I should recommend waiting until after the new version of Diigo is released. If you prefer to not try the new version, is your route to deletion.

account delete help settings resolved

Baxter Tocher

Tags will not delete! - 200 views

@sandy_diigo Nope, I'm still having problems. For example, the tag "firefox:toolbar" has no bookmarks associated with it (I've just deleted them all), but the tag still appears in my tag cloud here...

tags delete


Impossible to delete a tag - 251 views

i imported my delicious bookmarks to diigo then i tried to delete those unwanted tags, but they didn't disappear. the other day i create several new bookmarks and tags, the old delicious tags that ...

delete tag help


INTERNET2TRICKS: How To Delete Undeletable File In Windows OS - 0 views

    Learn How To Delete Undeletable Folder in windows. If you want to delete undeletable files or folder on your computer, Then We have given best two methods that will surely help you to delete the undeletable file in windows. So let's go through the full post to know about it. W hen you want to delete the undeletable folder if it's got an error and say that, you need to get permission from the Admin or someother else. Even If you are in Admin you can't delete that file. Because this error may come across with an error that can be any malware, spyware, Ad-ware or can be Trojan Horse and sometimes the error had come due to some system malfunctioning. we have given the best two ways that will let you delete undeletable files
khirnhup yeo

Changing group tags - 131 views

Tag limit? What tag limit? Please tell. Thanks.

groups tags change

Ravindra Joisa

How to delete a 'Post' in your Google Site - 0 views

    Google Sites is one of the easiest way to start with a website for free of cost. You don't have to worry about buying a domain, hosting, website building. Thanks to Google for making it very simple and easy to customize. But, Ever wondered on how to delete a 'Post' in your Google Site while udpating your site. In Google Site under a page you are allowed to create pages. You have an option to delete a page - "Delete Page". But if you want to delete a post there is nothing called "Delete Post".

INTERNET2TRICKS: How To Get Back Deleted Contacts From Google - 0 views

    Learn How to Restore your lost or Deleted contacts on Android Smart Phone. As we all know that Sometimes unexpectedly lost their contacts. And contacts are so important. There are very few options available to get back our lost contacts on Android Phone. Therefore , Today we are going to share with you the best two methods which will let you know about how to get back your lost contacts on Android Smart Phone. So go through the full post to know about it. We are here with the method for How to Get back deleted contacts from google or Android smartphone. Sometimes people unexpectedly delete their contacts or sometimes contacts might be deleted automatically. So we have given two methods for how to restore your lost or deleted contacts.
Graham Perrin

Error deleting highlights - 52 views

Graham Perrin wrote: > i) Using Diigo online, the web interface, can you delete the duplicates? Update duplicate overlapped highlights can not be deleted - if the duplicates are limited to y...

highlight bug duplicate hide

Graham Perrin

Unable To Delete Existing Sticky Notes - 124 views

To delete In-Situ sticky note 1) Mouse over to the In-Situ sticky note 2) Click the "X" beside private/public status indicator. We will provide edit option later.

sticky note delete help close window resolved spam (electronic)

Susanne Nobles

Deleting Sticky Notes/Highlight - 69 views

This is really helpful -- thanks. And indeed -- I am desperate as a teacher for an online annotating tool, and the delay in timing with Diigolet (that you just helped me see) is going to be a hind...

sticky notes delete highlight help Diigolet resolved

Graham Perrin

Deleting bookmarks - 435 views

I'm lightly bugged by this, too. With a standard view of my library (three-way switch in its middle position) I opted to delete the bookmark that was originally matched by

bug bookmark tag delete

Vincent Tsao

Delete messages - 64 views

> and I can recall that message only by bookmarking it; good idea, but it only works when current conversation is public. or you are not allowed to access this conversation regardless whether you ...

4.0 delete messages message leave conversation resolved thanks thank you


What Would You Do If Accidentally Deleted All Your ATT Emails? - 1 views

    In today's technological globalization age, everything has been improvised and enhanced with a wide variety of innovative features, design, as well as technology; same goes with the email services too. All the webmail services including Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or ATT are embedded with utmost level security features which will without a doubt safeguard and protect all your data as well as emails associated with your account. Among all other emails available out there, ATT email is one of the most used, user friendly and reliable email service providers with amazing traits. Despite being overloaded with a plenty of excellent features, ATT email still have various kinds of technical or non technical issues with it. These hitches or glitches are so critical and knotty in nature that they need the immediate yet effective guidance directly from the troubleshooting experts in order to fix them from the root. 1-833-554-5444 However, there are several problems ATT users come across while working on it. Among them Restoration of deleted Email associated with ATT email account is one such error that will sometimes give you hard times if not treated well. If you accidently delete all your ATT emails and are looking forward to restoring them, you are required to keep few things in mind: · At ATT, you are allowed to restore your emails of past 7 days. · You will be able to get your deleted emails recovered in the same folder where they were initially deleted. · Apart from that, you need to check your Trash folder as they are designed in such a way to contain all the deleted emails. · ATT CUSTOMER SERVICE 1-833-554-5444 Get to know how to recover ATT emails: · If you are not able to get your email from the Trash folder, you have to go through complex situation as it is very serious matter. Follow some effective tips which will be beneficial to get your email recovered: · Firs

I want to delete an account. - 161 views

i want to have my account deleted also please id: liviujianu

account delete

Alexander S

"Delete" does not work properly - 50 views

Hi. I've noticed, that I cannot delete certain tags completely. - I've got the tag "is:imported" -> - Now I tried to delete it by going to http:/...

bug web delete

started by Alexander S on 12 Jan 11 no follow-up yet

how to delete a bookmark? - 71 views

Intelligence7 is the best stock market training institute in Bangalore. We provide live market training and trading strategies for everyone. visit our website: Follow ...

delete bookmark

Joel Liu

Some miscellaneous suggestions from a Delicious convert - 92 views

Thanks! I am collecting suggestions and will release a bunch of improvement in the following weeks.

suggestions suggestion

tech justify

How To Delete All Tweets At Once In Twitter Free 2022 - Techjustify - 0 views

    How to Delete All Tweets at once in Twitter Free 2022 - Twitter does not allow you to delete all tweets (also called tweets) at once. However, there are some online tools that offer the option to delete posts in bulk and reset posts on the social network.
SocialStream !

how to can i get rid of deleted post showing off from community - 13 views

well every people preference is different . why not Diigo gives Viewing option for mod or owner for just hide those grey deleted post if not delete fully. so that i can work more easily and ...

problem bug deleting community posts suggestion

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