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Strange tag named "no_tag" - 62 views

bug tag
  • magobaol
    thanks for your reply.

    > 1) where did you import the bookmarks from - and also, your previous bookmarks - do they all have tags or associate with a folder?

    I tried from and ntoiced the problem, then I deleted all, exported bookmarks from Opera (my usual browser) to Firefox and then from Firefox to Diigo (tried several times).
    Just some bookmark had no tags nor folder, but I deleted those bookmarks.

    > 2) Your no_tag - does it have a quotation over that, eg. "no_tag"?


    > 3) Have you tried to edit this "no_tag' to something else? If not, please give it a try. (you can edit tags in "My Bookmarks" tag edit area)

    Yes, I tried to change the name, I deleted it (and Diigo told me "tag has been deleted") and at the next click it reappeared.

    > 4) Your bookmarks are all private, so hard for us to check them out - please do this: set a temporary password and email us your username & temp password to info AT diigo dot com - we will help you take a look.

    i just sent the e-mail.
  • magobaol
    No news? :-(

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