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prosody context(e

If post/topic/highlight/annotation style labeled/organized/etc different than how peopl... - 6 views

Is it preserved how each individual user wrote it, or can it be lost, flagged and deleted? If I make my writing/topic/annotation style public, and it is differently thought/labeled/organized th...

integrity censorship control tags tagging taxonomy topology diigo openness flagging deletion creativity

started by prosody context(e on 27 Dec 12 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Diigo (Automatic!?) Censorship? - 46 views

At Joel (Diigo) wrote: > an algorithm … will change the bookmark to private > automatically. However, the algorithm may do some false > ...

diigo censorship private public why help resolved

The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

Censorship on Diigo? This would be a problem | Diigo - 4 views

    Discussion on Diigo Community. I found that posts that were supposed to be public were being turned into private ones, and that others were having the same problem.
    Please do not clutter the group by bookmarking your topic then adding tags and comments to your bookmark of your topic. Please, simply add your comment to your topic.
The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

Policing Porn Is Not Part of Job Description - 0 views

    Another post from my bookmark page that I find keeps getting censored on Diigo, by being switched from public to private over my objections. Once again, notice that there is no justification for this. No porn or other content unsuitable for general audiences appears on the page linked to, or in my comments about it, which follow: "Men in Black gone wild. Employees of a county department of Homeland Security decide to make their own laws about the viewing of porn." That's it. That's all that I had written.
The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

Censorship on Diigo? This would be a problem - 108 views

Graham Perrin wrote: > Within the Diigo team there is expertise in "intelligent systems, a branch of artificial intelligence that examines methods and algorithms for systems to self-optimize ...


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