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The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

Censorship on Diigo? This would be a problem - 108 views


started by The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy on 04 Aug 09
  • The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy
    I recently found the following three entries marked "private" on my bookmark page, which I found surprising, because I've never marked a post "private" in the entire time I've been here. Links and blocked posts follow.

    Drug War Goes Crazy, Cyclist Forced to Provide Sample at Son's Cremation

    My comments: "This, regrettably, is no joke. An official barged in as the cyclist was making arrangements for his son's funeral.

    Somebody needs to be fired, not reprimanded or suspended.

    Tags: war on drugs, abuse of power, outrageous, insensitive less than a minute ago -All Annotations (0) -Cached -About

    in group: Odd News"

    Policing Porn Is Not Part of Job Description

    My Comments: "Men in Black gone wild. Employees of a county department of Homeland Security decide to make their own laws about the viewing of porn.

    Tags: abuse of authority, censorship 4 minutes ago and saved by 4 people -All Annotations (1) -Cached -About

    in group: Computer and Internet, Computers and Internet, Odd News"

    Teens send nude pics to one other, face kiddie porn charges - Ars Technica

    My Comments: "Law that is good in principle, applied without the use of common sense or basic logic.

    One of the reasons why underaged teens aren't allowed to consent to model nude - without parental consent, and there are issues enough in that to justify a whole other post - is because children are believed to lack the mental capacity to fully understand the decisions that they are making. Yet now they are to prosecuted for making those very same decisions on their own, as if they were competent adults who had preyed on incompetent children, luring them into decisions their victims might later regret, leaving us with a pick and mix in which the teens are regarded as being both competent and incompetent at same time, the state they are to be viewed as being in depending on the needs of the argument under which they are to be imprisoned at each given point.

    Doublethink a la Orwell being used as a basis for Law, as the underaged are put in danger of sent to prison (where they are likely to be raped) using a law designed to protect them from a form of sexual exploitation.

    Tags: injustice, court, law, trial, imprisonment, consent, pornography laws, common sense 7 minutes ago -All Annotations (0) -Cached -About

    in group: philosophy, Philosophical perspectives"

    Note the total absent of profanity, adult material, or anything else that might be reasonably considered to be unacceptable for general audiences in both my posts and the articles linked to. Yet somebody on staff took it upon himself to obscure these posts from public view, engaging in censorship in the process.

    Is it Diigo's position that the only political views which may be heard in our comments are those that the staff personally views with approval? If so, this is completely unacceptable. If not, what efforts have been made to restrain those employees who have violated the trust put in them by users and employer alike by grossly exceeding their own authority?

    I've switched the posts back from private to public. If Diigo is uncomfortable with this, I'm sure that it will do what it feels it needs to do, but it should understand that I will do the same. At this moment, I am very disappointed.
  • The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

    Those three bookmarks of mine, after staying public for a while, are private, again.

    I would have to respectfully disagree with Mr. Perrin's guess. Whoever or whatever did this seemed to wait until my attention had wandered. System bugs don't tend to be smart enough to do that, but human beings do.

    I suspect that Diigo has a rogue employee on its hands.

  • Graham Perrin
    Within the Diigo team there is expertise in "intelligent systems, a branch of artificial intelligence that examines methods and algorithms for systems to self-optimize and adapt". draws attention to an algorithm that may be improved. It's regrettable that any user has been frustrated by the effect of that algorithm.
  • The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

    Graham Perrin wrote:

    > Within the Diigo team there is expertise in "intelligent systems, a branch of artificial intelligence that examines methods and algorithms for systems to self-optimize and adapt".

    Yeah ... rather intriguingly, in the majority of cases in which this alleged bug has made an appearance so far, we've apparently seen governmental conduct help up to criticism - providing a motive for censorship, should one not approve of this practice, and a motive to lie should one be caught in the act.

    We also have no answer being given to the question of why it was that this bug didn't reappear until after a few days had passed, and one could expect the user's attention to have wavered. We just have you saying "Diigo's actions must be wholly innocent, because Diigo says so".

    But maybe after you succeed in getting my bookmarks censored, though, you'll manage to get my posts censored as well, and you won't have to deal with the issue, at all.

    Won't that be wonderful?

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