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The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

Top Digg User Zaibatsu Banned - Reactions from Both Zaibatsu and Digg Management - Read... - 0 views

    WARNING: Mild profanity at the other end of this link, too. Unavoidable, as it is found in the quoted material. Brief report of the incident, along with a much longer taped interview with the banned user, marred by prejudgement from the interviewer, who can't seem to let go of a fixation on the idea both sides in this absurd incident must have a point, or that at least Digg must. Quoting the post: "We get the feeling that there is more to this story than we have managed to unearth ... Clearly Digg feels that Zaibatsu has violated their terms multiple times and it appears they've simply had enough." In other words, corporate spin should be taken naively, at face value. Zaibatsu does himself no favors in his response, by choosing to be conciliatory in his response. In a civilized society, there's nothing wrong with that, but we're not living in one of those. We're living in one that still bears imprint of the same fun loving culture that brought us the concept of "trial by combat" and it shows. When you are wronged and you are speaking, keep it short, keep it sweet, and let your anger show. Do not offer to turn the other cheek, and do not express concern for those who have wronged you, for these civilized acts will never be understood by the uncivilized men with whom you deal to be anything other than a confession of guilt.
The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

Internet Censorship - A Digg "Bury Brigade" Case Study : Zaphu - 1 views

    Points to a disproportionately large number of posts about the political candidate Ron Paul that were buried on Digg, in support of the premise of that so-called "bury brigades" exist on Digg, groups of users who vote against articles en masse when they don't like them, "philosophically". This should surprise absolutely nobody who is familiar with Digg's basic operating principles and has been online for more than ten minutes in his life, but sometimes people need evidence in support of the obvious. Putting the feeedom to be heard on a topic to a vote - how do people expect that to work out?
The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

David LeMieux exposes a bury brigade? - 1 views

    A list of article burials on Digg, along with the users who buried them. One does note that one is seeing a very few users doing a lot of burying. See link above.
The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

Hunting Down Digg's Bury Brigade - 0 views

    Not only allegations that a small group of hyperaggressive users (50 in total) are burying posts on Digg, but with a little unexplained hacking being alluded to, the members of that local cabal are allegedly named. The question this raises being how much faith we should put in strangers who don't explain their methods - but then, if they did, we wouldn't be allowed to link to this article, would we? The fact that a search turned up 16900 hits for "Digg" and "bury brigade" does make this a little easier to believe, though, and a little more of a source of worry for the Stumbleupon user when he hears a suggestion that Digg take over that other service.
The Ravine / Joseph Dunphy

Digg to Take On StumbleUpon and TinyURL? | WebProNews - 0 views

    Chris Crum (the author) writes about a rumored upcoming Digg toolbar incorporating random search, and asks if this is bad news for Stumbleupon, as that is the service's key feature. Perhaps, but Crum hasn't given us reason enough to think so. Randomness, by itself, isn't a big deal. Webrings had incorporated it into their code long before there was a Stumbleupon. Carefully weightened randomness is what Stumbleupon does. Stumbleupon offers a blogging platform, albeit a seriously flawed one. Digg does not. Those who submit content to Digg risk loss of membership if the content proves to be unpopular enough; so far as I know, Stumbleupon users don't have the same worry, outside of a little political whackiness in the fora. I'm left with the impression that Crum repeats somebody who has read too much into too little, having little familiarity with the capabilities of the SU system, and with the policy differences between the two sites.
Dobromir Hadzhiev

Digg comments don't't show up with the extension turned on - 45 views

Yes I tried that, if I'm not logged in comments do show up, but once I sign in they don't

digg diigo problem

Hans Wobbe

Diggs or Reddit for Diigo Comments - 45 views

It seems to me that it should be possible to achieve this objective at least partially by using DiiGo to annotate Comments and to T\tag them with a Tag that indicates a relative Rank. I'll try to ...

digg diigo reddit

eyal matsliah

Top 5 Bookmarking Applications - Jots tops the group > Web 2.0 application listings, we... - 1 views

  •   Top 5 Bookmarking Applications – Jots tops the group Wednesday, April 18, 2007
  • Jots won the race for the top bookmarking site, followed closely by Simpy, Diigo, and digg.
  • per the views registered here at NEO Binaries.
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • Diigo Diigo is what surfing should have always been like. Diigo is a combination of many things together, social bookmarking, storing clippings, annotations, tagging, search, sticky notes and sharing of this information with others. It’s a great to store private web snippets.
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