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Diigo (Automatic!?) Censorship? - 46 views

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started by Skeptical Debunker on 26 Feb 10
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  • Skeptical Debunker
    A scientific article titled "Does promiscuity prevent extinction?" ( and a web facility article titled "Chatroulette offers random webcam titillation -" ( are being FORCED to "private" (even when the "offensive"!? words in the title are change to "unfaithfulness" and "interest"). Why is this? Will (a non-fig-leafed) image of Michelangelo's David be next? Who would one ask (for permission) to "fix" this?
  • yc c
    Meta page it said "This link has been bookmarked by 2 people. It was first bookmarked on 25 Feb 2010, by someone privately."

    I tried to bookmark it ... it's now public. Everybody see it?

    But now that you've brought my attention to 'censor', I just noticed a bookmark that was set to private ... maybe because the title included 'naked' - but I could easily change it.
  • Graham Perrin
    At Joel (Diigo) wrote:

    > an algorithm … will change the bookmark to private
    > automatically. However, the algorithm may do some false
    > judgement. Let me know the URLs which were converted to private
    > and we will try to figure out how to improve the algorithm.

    Please add to that topic a note of the URLs that were converted to private.


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