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Matti Narkia

Dietary Recommendations for Vitamin D: a Critical Need for Functional End Points to Est... - 0 views

    Dietary recommendations for vitamin D: a critical need for functional end points to establish an estimated average requirement.
    Whiting SJ, Calvo MS.
    J Nutr. 2005 Feb;135(2):304-9. Review.
    PMID: 15671232

    In summary, vitamin D has emerged as a critical nutrient for which there is a compelling health need to establish adequate dietary guidelines in North America and worldwide given the increasing evidence of vitamin D deficiency and insufficient links to risk of chronic disease. We strongly argue that now there are enough data to consider setting an estimated average requirement for vitamin D and to recognize the crucial need for more research to determine the role of vitamin D in noncalciotropic functions and prevention of chronic diseases
Matti Narkia

A critical review of Vitamin D and cancer: A report of the IARC Working Group on vitami... - 0 views

    A critical review of Vitamin D and cancer: A report of the IARC Working Group on vitamin D
    William B. Grant
    Dermato-Endocrinology. Volume 1, Issue 1
    January/February 2009
    Pages: 25 - 33

    The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) released a report, Vitamin D and Cancer, on November 25, 2008. The report focused on the current state of knowledge and level of evidence of a causal association between vitamin D status and cancer risk. Although presenting and evaluating evidence for the beneficial role of UVB and vitamin D in reducing the risk of cancer, it discounted or omitted important evidence in support of the efficacy of vitamin D. The report largely dismissed or ignored ecological studies on the grounds that confounding factors might have affected the findings. The report accepted a preventive role of vitamin D in colorectal cancer but not for breast cancer.
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