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Mark Glynn

ERIC - Enhancing the Impact of Formative Feedback on Student Learning through an Online... - 49 views

    "Formative feedback is instrumental in the learning experience of a student. It can be effective in promoting learning if it is timely, personal, manageable, motivational, and in direct relation with assessment criteria. Despite its importance, however, research suggests that students are discouraged from engaging in the feedback process primarily for reasons that relate to lack of motivation and difficulty in relating to and reflecting on the feedback comments. In this paper we present Online FEdback System (OFES), an e-learning tool that effectively supports the provision of formative feedback. Our aims are to enhance feedback reception and to strengthen the quality of feedback through the way feedback is communicated to the students. We propose that an effective feedback communication mechanism should be integrated into a student's online learning space and it is anticipated that this provision will motivate students to engage with feedback. Empirical evidence suggests that the developed system successfully addressed the issues of student engagement and motivation and achieved its objectives. The results of using the system for two years indicate a positive perception of the students which, in turn, encourage us to further explore its effectiveness by extending its functionality and integrating it into a an open source learning management system"
Tim Cooper

Walker & Flower | Paper Mechatronics - 34 views

    amazing design ideas here. Paper contraptions with huge artisitic and engineering educational links.

Exercise Book to Spark Creativity - 56 views


Every Lined Paper Under the Sun! | Paging Supermom - 117 views

    Website to get free lined paper that students can use in the classroom or even at home.
Roland Gesthuizen - 4 views

    "This paper investigates the use of Twitter by an academic community in various conference settings, and poses the following questions: does the use of a Twitter enabled backchannel enhance the conference experience, collaboration and the co-construction of knowledge? How is microblogging used within academic conferences,  and can we articulate the benefits it may bring to a discipline?"
Enid Baines

Mysterious paper sculptures « Central Station - 37 views

  • A mysterious new Twitter account called “a book for xmas” has appeared and is tweeting @ various recipients of sculptures and others involved.
Roland Gesthuizen

Collective Knowledge ConstructionideasLAB | ideasLAB - 46 views

  • What are the distinguishing features of the strategy? What pedagogical approaches are suitable? What are the defining learning activities? What does the strategy challenge educators to rethink?
    "The purpose of this white paper is to use the Collective Knowledge Construction Model to identify strategies by which knowledge construction is facilitated when learning online. And, secondly to encourage teachers, school leaders and other stakeholders to reimagine the pedagogical, technical and contextual consequences that arise from teaching and learning in technology rich environments."
Mrs. Fabsik

Generating Historical Questions - 101 views

    A step-by-step guide to generating a historical question and beginning research.
Martin Burrett

Paper Toys - 125 views

    A useful site where you can print out templates for 3D models of landmarks, vehicles and other cool things.
Martin Burrett

Cubeecraft - Papercraft - 131 views

    A superb site for finding, printing and making cubic paper characters. Make well known characters from TV, cartoons, movies and lots more.
Bonnie Breeden

Printable Paper - 153 views

shared by Bonnie Breeden on 28 Dec 11 - Cached
    Find over 800 different types of paper to print, including square and graph paper for maths, music manuscript paper and lots more. Not the most exciting site, but very useful.
    With PrintablePaper, you never have to worry about running out of "special" paper. As long as you have a printer, you can print graph paper, lined paper, and even Cornell paper. Download 400+ different papers, all for free. A must for all students.
Martin Burrett

FoldPlay - 42 views

    A site with several photo paper folding projects to make, including a Kaleidocycle.,+Craft+&+Design
Martin Burrett

Paper Critters - 83 views

    Design your own 3D 'Paper Critter' to share or print as a 3D net to glue together. Great for maths and D&T.
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