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Mathematics Interventions: What Strategies Work for Struggling Learners or Students Wit... - 36 views

  • Effective Strategies for Teaching Students with Difficulties in Mathematics [external link]
    • m101poe
      Be sure to look at this befor planning lesson plans this year for teahing math.
Martin Burrett

Freddy's Fractions - 15 views

    "This is a fun flash game where players help a turtle to swim and collect the correct equivalent fractions."
Martin Burrett

Resource: Pacman... more or less - 28 views

    "A computer game themed resource to help pupils to practise using more or less symbols. Laminate to make the paper strip reusable. Use the included answer card to allow self and peer assessment."
Michele Brown

Educator Resources | Madden NFL: Football by the Numbers - 17 views

    Creative way to practice math (place value and number line) Also is a virtual field trip to EA Madden NFL Video Games where they talk about the different jobs and people it takes to make a football game.
Martin Burrett

Number Sense by @digicoled - 24 views

    3 activities to support developing number sense with children. All can be used across KS1 or KS2 with differentiation and difficulty all adaptable by the teacher.
Martin Burrett

Maths Oracy Mat by @snoopycmf - 22 views

    "A talking mat to encourage reasoning in maths lessons through oracy. The mat features a range of sentence stems to guide children."
Martin Burrett

Study finds cash and coins help engage primary maths students - 8 views

    "Primary school students are more likely to understand and engage with maths if classes use real money and real-life projects, according to a Western Sydney University pilot study.
    The findings come as Australian students lag behind other countries in maths, with Year 4 students dropping from 18th to 28th out of 49 countries in year 4 maths in the latest Trends in International Mathematics and Science study."

How I Rewired My Brain to Become Fluent in Math - Issue 17: Big Bangs - Nautilus - 2 views

  • By championing the importance of understanding, teachers can inadvertently set their students up for failure as those students blunder in illusions of competence. As one (failing) engineering student recently told me: “I just don’t see how I could have done so poorly. I understood it when you taught it in class.” My student may have thought he’d understood it at the time, and perhaps he did, but he’d never practiced using the concept to truly internalize it. He had not developed any kind of procedural fluency or ability to apply what he thought he understood.
  • Time after time, professors in mathematics and the sciences have told me that building well-ingrained chunks of expertise through practice and repetition was absolutely vital to their success. Understanding doesn’t build fluency; instead, fluency builds understanding. In fact, I believe that true understanding of a complex subject comes only from fluency.
    "How I Rewired My Brain to Become Fluent in Math
    Sorry, education reformers, it's still memorization and repetition we need."
Sarah Moes

Partial Quotients Algorithm.avi - 1 views

    I'm using this video demonstrating how to solve a multiplication problem using partial products as a model for when I create my own. I think having a video like this available on my blog for parents or students when they get stuck on homework, or don't understand why we use this method would be very helpful.
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