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Phil Brown

Why Creativity in the Classroom Matters More Than Ever | Edudemic - 59 views

    We need to teach our students to be adaptable, and to understand that to be creative means hard work.
Matt Renwick

Creative People Say No - Medium - 47 views

    Interesting implications for education - especially given that we value creativity in students...strive to foster it...yet rarely would we accept a "no" in terms how students are expected to spend time.
Nigel Coutts

Creativity in Science and Technology - 58 views

    CREST is a programme for schools run by Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation that aims to promote Creativity. By adding creativity to our science lessons we can move past boiling water and encourage students towards serious scientific and technological discovery.
Thieme Hennis

About Us | Betaversity | Making Room For Creativity - 22 views

    "Betaversity is an education technology company that creates and supports collaborative prototyping spaces for post-secondary schools. We use the latest rapid prototyping technology and design thinking methodologies to help students learn by doing.

    We are a product-driven company that manufactures, rents, and sells BetaBox Mobile Prototyping Labs. These mobile lab facilities help schools maximize student satisfaction while minimizing expenses."
Sharin Tebo

Creative Educator - Build Thinking Skills with Informational Text Projects - 37 views

  • This informational text piece lends itself to having students create an associative letter project versus a traditional report. In an associative letter project, students are assigned a letter that they must use to find words representing the text they’ve just read. For example, “R is for the Montgomery Bus Boycott” might lead a student to choose words like race, rights, or Rosa as the focus of a variety of paragraphs that describe the Montgomery Bus Boycott.
    • Sharin Tebo
      I like this associative activity!
  • By providing students with meaningful, thought-provoking experiences, you can turn informational text study into an exercise in creative and critical thinking!

  • Informational text isn’t going to bring about the death of creativity; rather, creativity depends upon what we ask students to do with the text once they’ve read it. If we ask students to read a non-fiction passage then fill out a worksheet about the passage, we are missing a chance to provide our students with an opportunity to create imaginative, artistic end products demonstrating critical thinking skills hard at work.
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  • Grades 6-8
    Exemplar Informational Text: Freedom Walkers, the Story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, by Russell Freedman
    Creative Thinking Approach: Associative Letter Project

    In Freedom Walkers,
Thieme Hennis

Learning Over Education - 2 views

    "Learning over Education is a new MIT Media Lab initiative that promotes creative learning. It ties together learning related research that takes place across different research groups, develops new technologies for creative learning, and uses the Media Lab as platform for new conversations about learning."
Thieme Hennis

Help Write a Children's Book Online at P2PU - 16 views

  • creativity should not be – and was never meant to be – the prerogative of a few chosen individuals.
  • This course will be an introduction to crowdsourced art, and an experiment in collective creativity. We’ll learn about crowdsourced art – the central topic of my PhD research – and we’ll work together to develop a children’s book about a snail called Hashtag and his adventures on the Internet.
Annette Tankersley

Free Online Resources to Spark Creativity - Free Online Resources to Spark Creativity - 68 views

    Resources for digital presentations
Paul Restivo

Ken Robinson: How schools kill creativity | Talk Video | - 25 views

    Ken Robinson makes a case for creating an education system that nurtures creativity.

Exercise Book to Spark Creativity - 56 views

Sharin Tebo

Creative Educator - The Power of Play - 44 views

  • These characteristics are often found in classroom environments that lean toward student-centered and inquiry-based learning.
  • I have seen that as children spend more time in school they lose some or all of their natural comfort with learning through spontaneous, playful exploration.

Matter and Form - 3D Scanner - 34 views

    "The world's first truly affordable 3D scanner can now be yours. Make your ideas a reality and fast track the design process."
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