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Glenn Hervieux

How Reflective Writing Expands Thinking | Thoughtful Learning K-12 - 30 views

    "As Thomas Newkirk says in Critical Thinking and Writing: Reclaiming the Essay, "When essays become formulaic, they hinder rather than foster critical thinking." - read some aspects of writing that will provide more balance in approaching the writing process and critical thinking with students.
Glenn Hervieux

KSI as a Leading Model for Developing Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills - Un... - 43 views

    "The Committee for Economic Development, a Washington DC-based business organization, recently released a survey on "Which skills are most important on the job and which skills are in short supply?" "

The High Cost of Neuromyths in Education | Edutopia - 50 views

    Learning Styles, Left Brain/Right Brain, and 10% are myths that we need to stop using to guide our teaching. They don't help, and they probably waste money and effort that could be used on things that actually help. You know, like good teaching (pre-assessment, goal-setting, differentiation, and keeping learners in their ZPD).
Nate White

How to Foster a Creative Mindset in Your Students | Edudemic - 71 views

    Interesting article on fostering creativity in students. Two of the points especially are aha moments that appear counter-intuitive, but are actually brilliant. Great short read.
Margaret FalerSweany

Educational Leadership:Writing: A Core Skill:Teach Critical Thinking to Teach Writing - 48 views

  • critical thinking doesn't come easily for anyone
  • writing does not necessarily teach critical thinkin
  • the best way to help students learn critical thinking may be to actually teach it
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  • although writing and thinking may be linked, students don't learn to think just by learning to write; rather, to learn to write, they need to learn to think.
    An excellent article on the challenges we all face in become better at thinking critically and writing well. I have found that most students do better presenting arguments in written form when they have engaged in in-depth discussion, as then questioning and peer responses can prompt deeper thinking and make real the need to both cite and explain evidence. The Shared Inquiry method used in Great Books programs provides a focus on open, interpretive questions that require students to make an defend claims about the meaning of complex texts. The model lessons suggest a sequence of activities that supports multiple close readings, collaborative discussions, and writing throughout the process.
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