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  • Instead of scribbling marks in the margins of printed papers, I opened each student’s paper in Google Docs, highlighted text and inserted comments to clarify my thoughts, and then turned on the screen recorder (Jing) to record my voice as I scrolled through the paper and pointed to items with my mouse. Right after recording, I uploaded the finished recording to Jing’s companion hosting site, and then I simply copied and pasted the link to the recording directly into the Google Doc.
    • brianhammel
      Adding value in context rather than providing repetitive written comments in the summation.
  • After about four minutes, they began the next task, copying and pasting my reflection questions into the bottom of their docs, and then responding to those prompts as they reflected on their work and my feedback.
  • As I watched them, I couldn’t help but remember the way that I used to provide feedback. Students would receive their graded papers, flip past the comments I had scribbled in the margin, glance at the final grade, and then forget all about it.
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  • I always knew there was more I wanted to convey to them about their writing, about how they had or had not created meaning for the reader.
  • It took me about 10 minutes per paper, times 68 papers, so the last week and a half have been intense. If you’re doing the math, that’s over 11 hours of paper grading. If I am going to put in that kind of time for grading, I must see my students growing as writers. Period.
    • brianhammel
      Technology tool is NOT a time saver. The main goal for using the tool is not increased productivity by the teacher, but instead increased understanding by the student.
  •  I liked knowing that my essay got individual attention, individual feedback, and I feel like you cared about what I wrote.
  • A small number of students (actually, fewer than 5) said that they didn’t feel that the verbal comments were all that helpful.
  • hurtful to hear me say out loud what was wrong with their papers
  • Writing is personal, and feedback can feel like an attack.
    • brianhammel
      On the flipside, writing is personal, and receiving impersonal and confusing written feedback can also be hurtful. The student spends so much time writing the assignment, but only receives a small amount of scribbled comments in the margin.
  • tried out a new way of assessing student work — screencasting
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