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Martin Burrett

My Storybook - 42 views

    An intuitive online book creator - write, draw, add images and share. The site has a bank of backgrounds to choose from and a range of tools to draw items into the books.
victoria waddle

University students are struggling to read entire books | Education | News | The Indepe... - 47 views

  • Chantelle Francis, Academic and Inclusions Officer for the Sheffield University English Society, said: “I would argue that it is the time constraints that students struggle with as opposed to the actual material in most cases. I’m sure that if students had longer to read a text, they’d likely understand it better, because they’ve had more time to engage with it and appreciate it. But to suggest that students’ attention spans are low or that we are of insufficient ability is unfair.”
Glenn Hervieux

Unite for Literacy library - 25 views

    Unite for Literacy is a project that provides online books that include audio in multiple languages and ASL videos, celebrating different cultures and providing language support for English Language Learners. Wonderful project!
david stong

A Weapon for Readers by Tim Parks | NYRblog | The New York Review of Books - 69 views

    "But it was remarkable how many students improved their performance with this simple stratagem. There is something predatory, cruel even, about a pen suspended over a text"

Session 227: How to get Children Reading for Pleasure | - Supporting the #... - 36 views

    A list of books curated by teachers which have helped get children into reading books for pleasure
Deborah Baillesderr

We Give Books - 68 views

    Lots of online ebook for free!
    I would like to get in touch regarding your experience with eBooks for research we are doing.
    Dr. Patricia Donohue, San Francisco State University,
Thieme Hennis

Help Write a Children's Book Online at P2PU - 16 views

  • creativity should not be – and was never meant to be – the prerogative of a few chosen individuals.
  • This course will be an introduction to crowdsourced art, and an experiment in collective creativity. We’ll learn about crowdsourced art – the central topic of my PhD research – and we’ll work together to develop a children’s book about a snail called Hashtag and his adventures on the Internet.
Carla Shinn

How to Save the Humanities With Just a Few Clicks - 24 views

    Expanding Our Wikiverse Save the books. And the film reels. The photos, the manuscripts, the letters, the maps. These artifacts that fill our libraries threaten to sink into oblivion. But the good news? You can save them.
victoria waddle

Teen/YA book reviews - 43 views

    I've been reviewing books for teens for several years, and I hope you'll have a look. These are mostly teen fiction, but there is also nonfiction, adult books that have teen appeal and hi-lo books for English learners and other working on reading skills.
Natalie Mann

The Main Idea - 72 views

    The Main Idea provides monthly summaries of educational books in handy 8-page digests. 
Sydney Lacey

Digital-Storytime's Best Books of the Year: Top 25 Picture Book Apps for Ages 2-12 | Th... - 71 views

    "It's time for's 3rd annual Best Books List for 2013!

    We've combed the iTunes AppStore and selected the following titles for special recognition. These are the most exceptional, innovative and well-crafted storybook apps for kids on the iPad* that we've discovered over the past year. We salute the authors, illustrators and talented development teams that created these great apps for young readers."
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