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Sharin Tebo

Educational Leadership:How Teachers Learn:Fostering Reflection - 27 views

  • Expert teachers adjust their thinking to accommodate the level of reflection a situation calls for.
  • Another way to help teachers become better at reflection is to create study groups that introduce teachers to these four modes of thinking and explore which aspects of teaching call for each mode. Discussions and role-plays can help teachers see which routine decisions can be made through technological or situational thinking and which may require the deliberate or dialectical modes. I
  • Finally, to foster higher levels of reflection, encourage teachers to ask themselves questions about their classroom practice. Prompts like the following promote frequent reflection: What worked in this lesson? How do I know? What would I do the same or differently if I could reteach this lesson? Why? What root cause might be prompting or perpetuating this student behavior? What do I believe about how students learn? How does this belief influence my instruction? What data do I need to make an informed decision about this problem? Is this the most efficient way to accomplish this task?
Clint Heitz

Walk Through Observations Using Google Forms (with auto email feedback) | LEADministration - 101 views

    Google Forms script for walk-through observations. Allows admin to provide prompt observation feedback to teachers.
    Use google forms for walk through observations.
K Couch

Tube Activity - 5 views

    Nice nature of science activities for the classroom. 
George Lieux

Webcams in the Classroom: Animal Inquiry and Observation - ReadWriteThink - 2 views

    • George Lieux
      Lesson Writer
Jennifer Diaz

Apps in Education - 201 views

    Looking for flexibility in an iPad app suited for use by teachers in the classroom when observing students working e.g. Science labs
Joanna Gerakios

Home | ISTE Classroom Observation Tool - 110 views

    Online tool for evaluating the use technology in the classroom.
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