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Wayne Holly

How to be a Rock Star Teacher in 2015 (in a World of 'CAVE' Colleagues) - 106 views

    Make 2015 the Year you Make it Happen!

    Have you let cynical peers and worn-down administrators get you down or hold you back? There's no doubt it's challenging being in education, having to defend your work and actions to parents, dealing with difficult students, and overcoming unsupportive administrators … but you can't let it keep you from putting your best foot forward!
Matt Renwick

How and How Not to Prepare Students for the New Tests - Shanahan - 2014 - The Reading T... - 49 views

  • read extensively within instruction
  • read increasing amounts of text without guidance or support.
  • rich in content and sufficiently challenging
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • explain their answers and provide text evidence
  • writing about text, not just in replying to multiple-choice questions.
Matt Renwick

Designating the MVP - Strom - 2014 - The Reading Teacher - Wiley Online Library - 14 views

  • this conversational technique helps students think and talk about a text beyond its literal meaning
Matt Renwick

Charter School Study Finds High Teacher Pay Helps Students - WSJ - WSJ - 20 views

  • After four years at the charter school, eighth-graders showed average test score gains in math equal to an additional year and a half of school, compared with district students.
  • an extra half-year in science and almost an extra half-year in English
  • the charter has a lean administrative staff and slightly larger classes—31 students compared with an average of about 26 or 27 in district schools—so it can pour resources into teacher pay and training.
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • Days are long, with teachers at work from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and students attending from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Teachers are observed by colleagues and get feedback weekly, and they have four weeks of full-day professional development each year.
  • Many teachers don’t last. Of 43 hired during the four years studied, 47% didn’t return for a second year, in most cases because they weren’t asked back.
    • Matt Renwick
      I wonder why - performance, or too much stress due to longer hours and out of work expectations? Regardless, this high turnover rate has got to impact the kids in the end.
  • Critics of charter schools say, among other complaints, that they drain money from regular public schools, skim talented students and nudge out disruptive ones.
danthomander - 31 views

    Excellent research paper drawing conclusion that the most important variable in student outcomes is teacher effectiveness, suggesting that the best way to improve schools is to improve the teachers in the schools.

Free Technology for Teachers: Socratic Smackdown - A Game for Learning and Practicing D... - 130 views

  • forty students
    • pkrason
      I tried mine with a class of 30, and it worked out very well.  I chose to prepare the room in a typical Socratic Seminar fashion with chairs aligned in two concentric circles.  
  • text-based question
    • pkrason
      Essential Questions throughout the chapter work well for this purpose.
  • debate a question
    • pkrason
      We debated whether or not Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi was a successful leader.  We also built a discussion off of analyzing Medieval and Renaissance artwork.  
    • pkrason
    Socratic Smackdown is a fun discussion-based game to encourage students to formulate arguments and argue these points referencing textual evidence.
Donnie Browning

Super Teacher Worksheets - 61 views

    Printable Worksheets
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