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Tracy Tuten - Online Teacher Lesson Planning - 25 views

    Well developed lesson planning app
Martin Burrett

Book: 45 Secrets That All High School Teachers Need to Know by @RichardJaRogers - 35 views

    Mastering the art of teaching appears to be easier for some colleagues than others. Some teachers just seem to have a presence, gaining respect and credibility from students, colleagues and parents alike. Did they undergo some mysterious, magical training that wasn't covered during your teacher training course?  Well, no. They just have mastered how to manage their working relationships, using their personalities to generate rapport, which is respected by students of all age. It's not rocket science - it's far more complicated than that. Personality and behaviour clashes in classrooms are inevitable, but looking at all the different elements of daily interactions can help you gain respect from students and colleagues alike...
Jørgen Mortensen

What Happens When Teachers Connect - 31 views

  • Digital and social media have replaced the landscape for education. This isn’t a case of mere impact or transformation–it’s all different now. Everything–the tools, the audiences, the access to content, the data, the opportunity.
Martin Burrett

Back to school essentials, for teachers - 54 views

    There is so much publicity and marketing around for the 'Back to school' push, and here in the UK it starts back in June as retailers grapple to win custom. But students are not the only ones returning to school after a pro-longed break, so we asked teachers what their essential items are to buy, before returning back for another school year. Here are the top 15 items, in no particular order, and you can see the responses in the Storify summary...

Bloomboard | Resources, Credentials, & Community for Teachers - 52 views

shared by finkenra on 06 May 16 - No Cached
    A website to grow your own teaching, with resource and videos.
Nigel Coutts

The Power of Teams - The Learner's Way - 31 views

    Sometimes it is worth stating the obvious, giving time and thought to what we easily take for granted. In doing so we name the things we value most and give them the value they deserve. The value of teams is one such ideal, we know that teams have value, we probably even know what it feels like to be a part of a great team but too often we take this feeling as understood and don't stop to consider what makes it worth chasing.
Teresa Ilgunas

Free Technology for Teachers: 5 Things We Can do to Prepare Students to Work Independently - 171 views

    "Stop and think, can these tools help my students learn, work, and thrive in a constantly changing world?"

Reasons why teachers leave the profession & what they do next - - 60 views

    Workload and Bullying Main Reasons for Teachers Leaving the Profession

    A survey and interviews commissioned by UKEdChat.Com has revealed the main reasons why teachers are leaving the profession, and the careers they move onto once they have made th…
Julie Golden

Where have all the teachers gone? - 93 views

teachers education

started by Julie Golden on 11 Sep 15 no follow-up yet
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