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Randy Schultz

The 4 Properties of Powerful Teachers - Advice - The Chronicle of Higher Education - 63 views

  • Great teachers tend to be good-natured and approachable, as opposed to sour or foreboding; professional without being aloof; funny (even if they’re not stand-up comedians), perhaps because they don’t take themselves or their subject matter too seriously; demanding without being unkind; comfortable in their own skin (without being in love with the sound of their own voices); natural (they make teaching look easy even though we all know it isn’t); and tremendously creative, and always willing to entertain new ideas or try new things, sometimes even on the fly.
  • Passion. Of all the qualities that characterize great teachers, this is the most important, by far.
  • Don’t think, by the way, that students don’t pick up on the disdain. They absolutely do. And my experience with evaluating faculty members over the years suggests that the teachers who are most widely disliked are the ones who most dislike students.
Glenn Hervieux

3 Ways of Getting Student Feedback to Improve Your Teaching | Edutopia - 130 views

    Vicki Davis models student transparency to improve her teaching, using a discussion format and parent surveys.
Randolph Hollingsworth

A Dictionary For 21st Century Teachers: Learning Models by Terry Heick and Teach Though... - 73 views

    Helpful dictionary of terms you will see in 21st Century learning models.
    For K12 & higher ed educators, researchers -
Elizabeth Pitel

Philadelphia Museum of Art - School & Teachers : Teacher Resources - 39 views

    A great lesson plan resource for correlating art with other curricular areas
Glenn Hervieux

Tips for Coaching Teacher Teams | Edutopia - 56 views

    I would add, that these tips work for 1:1 coaching, as well.
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