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Sharin Tebo

Making the Most Out of Teacher Collaboration | Edutopia - 42 views

  • Collaboration
  • collaborate
  • Build relationships Observe the best Ask questions Share Come prepared
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  • the attitude of professional privacy is not conducive to professional development
  • effective teacher collaboration
  • teachers, when it comes to their performance in the classroom, tend to stick to themselves.
  • develop a list of "how to" and "why for" questions regarding student data, instruction, discipline, etc.
  • bring my list of questions pertinent to the agenda in order to pick the groups' collective brain for answers.
  • one of the reasons that schools do not improve as fast as we would like them to is that when teachers get together for a purpose, rarely has research been done by the teachers, neither have ideas been mapped out prior to the meeting.
  • preparation sparks much deeper conversation, more complete answers and better solutions. For informal collaborations, before I attempted to try out any new idea, I would ask one of my esteemed colleagues what they thought of it. In terms of assessments, the easiest way to improve the validity of the assessment is to have a colleague or group of colleagues review it.
  • Personal Steps to Effective Collaboration
    Collaboration: Build relationships, observe the best, ask questions, share, come prepared
Amadeu Marin

AppEducation | Twitter is a Teacher Superpower! - 80 views

    This post explains the "why" and "how" of Twitter in teacher friendly terms. Joanne Fox is an elementary ed. teacher who helps moderate #Caedchat on Sunday evenings when she's not teaching and tweeting. Make Twitter your Superpower as a teacher or administrator.
    A great introduction on how to use twitter to establish a PLN.
Debra Spear

CCSS Math Resources and PLC - 89 views

    Math Resources and PLC. Discussion, sharing, resources - mostly grades Math 6 - Algebra. Join the conversation as we implement the common core.
Debra Spear

CCSS Math Resources and PLC - 73 views

    I'm sorry - the last link was incorrect. This one, is the correct link to CCSS - Math Resources and PLC. Discussion, sharing, resources - mostly grades Math 6 - Algebra. Join the conversation as we implement the common core.
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    It asks for a school code?
    Sorry, again. The link should not have included "lausd" at the front of the URL. This one will work - thank you for notifying me of the problem.
    This new link also has a login.
    yes - the new login requires that you register with edmodo as a teacher - it's free. After registering, it will let you participate in the group.
Matt Renwick

Education Week Teacher: How to Make the Most of Your Professional Learning Community - 33 views

  • During our first meeting of the school year, we jotted down on sticky notes what each of us wanted to accomplish in our weekly meetings. Three main ideas rose to the top and have driven our work together ever since: support for each other, help with pacing an overwhelming curriculum, and detailed plans to implement with our students. Everything we do as a group addresses one or more of these three objectives.
  • Talking about the issues and pressures of teaching—always in a solutions-focused way, of course—is cathartic itself.
  • PLCs must find ways to share the workload, not increase it.
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  • Effective PLCs must focus on student learning. It's no use becoming bogged down in issues or procedures that are out of our control as classroom teachers.
  • To keep ourselves on track, we examine our students' strengths and weaknesses, creating plans that maximize student success.
Deborah Lyman

Professional Learning Communities: Communities of Continuous Inquiry and Improvement - ... - 28 views

    SEDL discusses some of the interpretations of PLC. Additionally, SEDL discusses the development and attributes of a functional PLC. SEDL also discusses the variety of configurations of professional learning communities.
Roland Gesthuizen

for the love of learning: Dysfunctional PLCs - 107 views

    I have come to see a disturbing trend among some teachers' work environments. I've come to hear how some teachers feel like prisoners to their Professional Learning Communities. 

» At Star Wars Elementary School I know this much is true. - 123 views

    View the slideshare at the end, it shows RtI and PLC in a manner anyone over the age of 10 can understand! :)
Susan Payne Adolescent Literacy - Professional Learning Communities - 21 views

    Overview of PLC's with links to valuable resources.
Steve C

National School Reform Faculty - 9 views

    Invaluable resources for critical friends groups.
    Invaluable resources for critical friends groups.
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