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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Josh Flores

Josh Flores

SREB Advisory: 4,700 Teachers Focus on College, Career Readiness in Charlotte This Week - 7 views

    • Josh Flores
      What test determines this?
  • Literacy Design Collaborative
  • strategies
Josh Flores

Resources - 48 views

    • Josh Flores
      User friendly Lexile measurements of example literature and informational texts.
  • MetaMetrics
Josh Flores

Annotating the Model Content Frameworks for ELA/Literacy by PARCC - 9 views

    • Josh Flores
      Quarterly Modules - but could be adjusted for your school's purposes.
    • Josh Flores
  • shape the content within the modules in any way that suit their desired purposes
  • ...54 more annotations...
  • re-order
  • order in which the four modules may be used is not critical
  • ocus and emphasis on the types of texts
  • What changes
  • is the
  • analytic reading
  • examining its meaning
  • read and reread deliberately.
  • understand the central ideas
  • supporting details
  • entails the careful gathering of observations
  • overall understanding and judgment
  • omparison and synthesis of ideas
  • drawing on relevant prior knowledge
  • suggests that educators select a minimum number of grade-level-appropriate short texts
  • as well as one extended text
  • in lower grades, chosen texts should include content from across the disciplines.
  • upper grades, content-area teachers are encouraged to consider how best to implement informational reading across the disciplines
    • Josh Flores
      The Nonfiction Split
    • Josh Flores
      Elementary and Secodnary
    • Josh Flores
      Selecting Multiple Texts
  • present their analyses in writing and speaking
    • Josh Flores
      Listening and Speaking Tip: Class presentations with a rubric; allow class to complete rubric of their peers too and use video or text-to-speech based web 2.0 animation programs for shy students
  • all students need access to a wide range of materials on a variety of topics and genres
    • Josh Flores
      INTERNETS: Open Resource Revolution!
  • students improve both their reading comprehension and their writing skills when writing in response to texts.
    • Josh Flores
      I knew it!
  • notes, summaries, learning logs, writing to learn tasks, or even a response to a short text selection or an open-ended question.[9]
    • Josh Flores
      Examples of Writing Practices
  • hese responses can vary in length based on the questions asked and tasks performed, from answering brief questions to crafting multiparagraph responses in upper grades.
  • narrative story and narrative description
    • Josh Flores
  • creative fiction, as well as memoirs, anecdotes, biographies, and autobiographies
  • include writing under time constraints
  • writing over multiple drafts
  • generate writing pieces in response to teacher-provided prompts and to their own prompts
    • Josh Flores
      LEVEL Qs: Teach students to generate Academic Questions to explore
  • For reading and writing in each module
    • Josh Flores
      Essential READING & WRITING Skills
    • Josh Flores
      for ELA/Literacy
  • Understand and apply grammar:
  • Cite evidence and analyze content
  • Understand and apply vocabulary
  • Conduct discussions and report findings:
  • grades 3-5
  • two standards progression charts for each grade level
  • Writing
  • peaking and Listening
  • Graham, S., and M. A. Hebert. 2010. Writing to Read: Evidence for How Writing Can Improve Reading. A Carnegie Corporation Time to Act Report. Washington, D.C.: Alliance for Excellent Education.
  • four sections
  • Students
  • offer one way of organizing the standards
  • quarterly modules
  • reflects the integrated nature
  • suggests both the number and types
  • to express an opinion/make an argument or to inform/explain
  • write
  • citing evidence
  • analyzing
  • grammar
  • vocabulary
  • discussions
  • reporting
Josh Flores

PARCC Governing Board Quarterly Meeting | PARCC - 15 views

  • Retest
  • allow retest opportunities in the summer of 2015
  • PARCC will
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • offer retests once per year for grades 3-8 ELA/literacy and mathematics
  • three times per year for each high school end-of-course assessment
  • PARCC will make these retests available
  • states will set their own policies
    PARCC retest policy
Josh Flores

PARCC Accessibility Accommodations and Fairness | PARCC - 27 views

    • Josh Flores
      Who is on the Committees on Accessibility, Accommodations, and Fairness?
  • Policies in Development
  • Accessibility, Accommodations, and Fairness Operational Working Group
Josh Flores

Assessment Administration Guidance | PARCC - 24 views

    • Josh Flores
      Excel spreadsheet to analyze tech needs of school districts.
  • umber of testing sessions
  • approximate testing time,
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • number of days
Josh Flores

Alternative Education Programs | State Department of Education - 1 views

    • Josh Flores
      Really? "innovative"?
  • Appropriate structure, curriculum, interaction, and reinforcement strategies for effective instruction;
  • Appropriately certified teaching faculty;
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • Courses that meet the curricular standards adopted by the Oklahoma State Board of Education and additional remedial courses;
  • Individualized instruction;
    • Josh Flores
      should not mean "isolated"
  • Life skills instruction;
Josh Flores

Librarydoor: Thus Saith the Common Core about Graphic Text - 7 views

  • graphic texts are actually embraced as "knowledge product"
Josh Flores

Trends in Education: How They Come and Go | Edutopia - 3 views

    • Josh Flores
      List of bandwagons
  • mastery learning, portfolio assessment, cooperative classroom structures, technology integration, backward design, multimedia projects, personal learning paths, authentic task development and, most recently, differentiated instruction and integrated curriculum
Josh Flores

Video Games Win a Beachhead in the Classroom - - 47 views

  • create a game that was hard to beat but harder still to quit
    • Josh Flores
      Good qualities of a strong lesson plan too
  • games themselves could feasibly replace tests
  • whether children learn more when playing individually or collaboratively.
  • ...6 more annotations...
  • discussing how
  • not solve as many
  • Does discourse result in deeper processing?”
  • focused engagement
  • “Children need to learn how to read a book,” he says. “They need to learn how to ask questions.”
  • social networking, playing video games, tinkering with digital media
Josh Flores

Survey reveals teens' experiences on social networking sites | eSchool News - 1 views

    • Josh Flores
      Authentic examples of students practicing outstanding citizenship/digital citizenship!
Josh Flores

The Two Faces of Anxiety - TIME - 6 views

    • Josh Flores
      Is the amygdala in the frontal lobe where teenagers' are still developing?
  • So what?
Josh Flores

Batch adding new users using the Blog & User Creator -Edublogs Help and Support - 1 views

    Here's the help page to setting up your students on an edublog
Josh Flores

Lord, Save Me From The Krebs Cycle : Krulwich Wonders... : NPR - 71 views

    • Josh Flores
      Start with an essential questions for authentic learning
  • they find it fun — until 9th grade
  • That's when we learn, not because we choose to, but because we know it might be on The Test, and too often, curiosity gets replaced by fear.
  • ...3 more annotations...
  • John Dewey: "Understanding derives from activity."
  • Kids learn when they want to know the answer, when they care.
  • Teachers who teach to the test are failing their students.
Josh Flores

Mobile Devices as Essential Tools - 72 views

  • students, each with a smartphone, take pictures of what they think are complementary angles outside of the classroom. The next day, the students discuss them in class.
    Why spend money on technology when students are bringing it with them to school everyday? Yet, we demand they keep it hidden and put away!
Josh Flores

Ideas to Inspire - 26 views

    Get inspired for some creative lesson plans or share your already awesome lessons on this visually appealing board.
    Get inspired for some creative lesson plans or share your already awesome lessons on this visually appealing board.
Josh Flores Illiterate Minority - 116 views

    Hilarious and sad.
Josh Flores

Jane Eyre - 50 views

    • Josh Flores
      So awesome! This is how i found my wife.
Josh Flores

Free Tools Challenge #1: Wallwisher - Words That Stick | Teacher Challenge - 97 views

    • Josh Flores
      An alternative to Lino Pad for collaborative and academic discussion
Josh Flores

Common Core Curriculum Maps | - 215 views

    • Josh Flores
      Rote Memorization? Don't they know that's a Lower Order Thinking Skill? 
    • Josh Flores
      Writing an original poem could have the same effect. 
  • Moreover, once students have memorized a poem, they are able to carry it with them everywhere. It becomes part of their lives.
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • Seminar discussions
    • Josh Flores
      Substantive Conversation Socratic Seminar Think-Pair-Share
  • research essays
    • Josh Flores
      Good use of EasyBib premium account's notebook feature
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