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Martin Burrett

Whole Class Feedback Template by @JNewsumEnglish - 47 views

    "Feedback template with sections for SPaG errors, presentation, next steps, targets and more."
Joe Hirsch

3 Ways to Build Trust on Your Team | Joe Hirsch - 37 views

    How the Chicago Cubs built trust into their clubhouse culture.
Joe Hirsch

Pixar's secret for giving feedback | LEADx - 39 views

    Behind the big-screen magic, there's a powerful feedback system at work.
Joe Hirsch

3 lessons on building trust from the Chicago Cubs - 24 views

    What started as a clubhouse quickly became a culture.
Joe Hirsch

Why Negative Feedback Might Be Good For You - 30 views

shared by Joe Hirsch on 04 May 17 - No Cached
    We don't like getting a bad review, but it might be the best thing that ever happened to us.
Joe Hirsch

#1 new release: THE FEEDBACK FIX - 9 views

shared by Joe Hirsch on 28 Apr 17 - No Cached
    What happens when our feedback describes a future people can change, not a past they can't? Find out in THE FEEDBACK FIX, #1 new release from Rowman & Littlefield. Watch the trailer, get the book, and spread the word!

    Order here:

10 strategies for lightning-quick feedback students can REALLY use | Ditch That Textbook - 102 views

  • Bellringers, exit tickets and class polls
    • ddavisfife
      This can be:

      Google Form
      Plickers Activity
      Poll Everywhere
Martin Burrett

Feedforward Book Look Record by @MrsHumanities - 18 views

    "A feedforward template sheet to let pupils know their next steps."
Martin Burrett

Go Pollock - - 32 views

    "Create quiz questions for your pupils to answer on their own devices via the browser using a class code or a link. Unlike many another platforms, you create a quiz by ticking individual questions, which gives you much greater flexibility. See analytics of your pupils' performance instantly."
Deborah Baillesderr

Kaizena - Fast, Personal Feedback on Student Work - 45 views

    "Speak instead of type.
    Voice comments are up to 75% faster than typing, and help you convey tone and emotion in your feedback.
    Stop repeating yourself
    Use one of our curated Lessons to explain concepts, or create your own.
    Track and rate skills
    Quickly communicate strengths and weaknesses.
    Google Drive integration
    Seamlessly add files from Google Drive."
Mark Glynn

ERIC - Enhancing the Impact of Formative Feedback on Student Learning through an Online... - 49 views

    "Formative feedback is instrumental in the learning experience of a student. It can be effective in promoting learning if it is timely, personal, manageable, motivational, and in direct relation with assessment criteria. Despite its importance, however, research suggests that students are discouraged from engaging in the feedback process primarily for reasons that relate to lack of motivation and difficulty in relating to and reflecting on the feedback comments. In this paper we present Online FEdback System (OFES), an e-learning tool that effectively supports the provision of formative feedback. Our aims are to enhance feedback reception and to strengthen the quality of feedback through the way feedback is communicated to the students. We propose that an effective feedback communication mechanism should be integrated into a student's online learning space and it is anticipated that this provision will motivate students to engage with feedback. Empirical evidence suggests that the developed system successfully addressed the issues of student engagement and motivation and achieved its objectives. The results of using the system for two years indicate a positive perception of the students which, in turn, encourage us to further explore its effectiveness by extending its functionality and integrating it into a an open source learning management system"
Rachel Hinton

What Kind of Feedback Helps Students Who Are Doing Poorly? - 91 views

    "Students perform poorly in our courses for a variety of reasons. Here are some students you've likely encountered over the years, as well as a few ideas on the type of feedback that best helps them turn things around. "
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