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Cathy McGeowan

Student Quick Guide to Google Classroom - Teacher Tech - 38 views

    Student Quick Guide to Google Classroom
Nigel Coutts

Thinking in the Wild - Thinking routines beyond the classroom - The Learner's Way - 21 views

    Despite this being a 'thinking' conference, despite us all being advocates for structured and scaffolded models of thinking, not one group had applied any thinking routines, utilised a collaborative planning protocol or talked about applying an inquiry model or design thinking cycle. It wasn't that we didn't know about them. It wasn't that we don't know how to use them. It wasn't that we don't value them. We had all the knowledge we could desire on the how to and the why of a broad set of thinking tools and anyone of these would have enhanced the process, but we did not use any of them. Why was this the case and what does this reveal about our teaching of these methods to our students?

Teachers Network: Productions: Classroom Management for Secondary School Teachers - 24 views

    "Classroom Management for Secondary School Teachers"

About The Webcast Academy | The Webcast Academy - 13 views

    "About The Webcast Academy"

Webcasting: Live from Your Classroom - 6 views

    "Webcasting: Live from Your Classroom"
Martin Burrett

Classroom Music by @rondelle10_b - 5 views

    "I loved reading @thatboycanteach's blog this morning about music and his classroom-based Youtube battles with a former colleague. It got me thinking about how I use music within my lessons. To jolly my Y8 students along, I play 3 minutes of Bennie Hill's theme music as a signal that they should clear away practical equipment and return to their seats. It's great to see the startled look on their faces as soon as they hear the tune and then remember that they need to completely pack away before the music ends."

7 Outstanding K-8 Flexible Classrooms | Edutopia - 53 views

    Classroom arrangement
Martin Burrett

Reducing Stress for All - UKEdChat Summary - 13 views

Joe Hirsch

The Power of Flipped Learning - 33 views

    Great video (only one minute!) that introduces the basic concept of flipped learning.

Flipped Classroom - 31 views

    Resources about flipped classroom

Google Classroom - 64 views

    A great way to send things out to students, keep them up to date, have them complete quizzes and assignments, and communicate with parents.
Steve Kelly

See the history of changes made to a file - Docs editors Help - 29 views

  • If you want to see the changes you and others have made to a document, spreadsheet, presentation, or drawing, you can check the revision history.
  • Reverting to a previous version of a document doesn't eliminate any versions, but it moves this previous version to the top of your revision history.
    Important! When accessing Revision History and 'Restoring a Previous Version', no changes are 'eliminated!' The selected version is simply moved to the top of the revision history panel. This is huge: it means that students can't inadvertently (or intentionally) remove edits that form the history of the collaborative document!
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