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H DeWaard

The Inside-Out School: A 21st Century Learning Model - 62 views

    The Inside-Out School: A 21st Century Learning Model includes 9 domains with subsidiary skill sets
Jennie Snyder

Need a Job? Invent It - - 1 views

    Thomas Friedman's NY Times article - interview w/ Tony Wagner on need to be prepare students to be innovation ready.
Jennie Snyder

Lydia Dobyns: A '21st Century' Education Is SO Last Century - 34 views

  • We can't know what the classroom will look or feel like. We do know, however, that most school districts are organized to deliver education that inhibits rather than encourages innovation. That needs to change.
  • like "Deeper Learning" as a way to convey both the acquisition of knowledge and the transference/application of knowledge along with developing skills employers find valuable -- collaboration, communications and critical thinking
  • t's time to move on and work together to develop education systems that meet students where they live and provide a relevant education to develop cognitive and non-cognitive skills
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  • Of course, schools and classroom practices need to be current -- what teacher or district leader would say that we should continue to teach the way we did back in the "good ol' days?" Can you show me a successful organization or business that prides itself on keeping things exactly the way they were?
  • We need to believe the adults delivering education services are capable of being innovative, adaptive and collaborative and welcome being accountable for student outcomes. Then we need to invest in this belief by providing both the professional development and the infrastructure to make this belief a reality for all students and all teachers.
  • Ultimately, it is about delivering core education in today's world by today's standards of success.
  • I believe this is the basic approach: Education needs to be more relevant and rigorous for students. Educational institutions need to be more engaging and empowering for teachers. A high school diploma needs to be more directly applicable and valued in the economy. These are attainable goals; all education investments should be measured against these objectives.
    Lydia Dobyns: A '21st Century' Education Is SO Last Century #deeperlearning #edleader21
Jennie Snyder

How 21st Century Thinking Is Just Different - 2 views

  • nstead, we might consider constant reflection guided by important questions as a new way to learn in the presence of information abundance.
  • There is more information available to any student with a smartphone than an entire empire would have had access to three thousand years ago.
  • Truth may not change, but information does. And in the age of social media, it divides and duplicates in a frenzied kind of digital mitosis.
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  • new habits of mind.
  • Persisting.
  • Managing impulsivity.
  • Responding with awe.
  • Questioning.
  • Innovating.
  • Thinking interdependently.
  • This hints at the concept not so much of student motivation, but student impetus.
  • the 21st century’s model is form and interdependence.
  • How the Habits of Mind develop is not as simple as merely naming them.
  • It is one thing to remind little Johnny to persist in the face of adversity. It is another to create consistent reasons and opportunities for him to do so, and nurturing it all with modeling, resources, and visible relevance.
  • The tone of thinking in the 21st century should not be hushed nor gushing, defiant nor assimilating, but simply interdependent, conjured to function on a relevant scale within a much larger human and intellectual ecology
  • The shift towards the fluid, formless nature of information—thinking of information as a kind of perpetually oozing honey that holds variable value rather than static silhouettes and typesets that is right or wrong—is a not a small one.
    How 21st C really is different. Think differently.
Jennie Snyder

Rethinking Learning: The 21st Century Learner - 140 views

  • “We find when we talk about 21st century skills, people often reduce them to skills for the workplace and skills involving technology. And we’re really talking about skills for creativity, for civic engagement, for social life–the full range of experiences that young people will be involved in in the future.”
Maria Nuzzo

Three Elements of Great Communication, According to Aristotle - Scott Edinger - Harvard... - 99 views

  • Three Elements of Great Communication, According to Aristotle by Scott Edinger  |   9:00 AM January 17, 2013 Comments (78)         In my nearly 20 years of work in organization development, I've never heard anyone say that a leader communicated too much or too well. On the contrary, the most common improvement suggestion I've seen offered up on the thousands of 360 evaluations I've reviewed over the years is that it would be better if the subject in question learned to communicate more effectively. What makes someone a good communicator? There's no mystery here, not since Aristotle identified the three critical elements — ethos, pathos, and logos. — thousands of years ago. Ethos is essentially your credibility — that is, the reason people should believe what you're saying. In writing this blog I made an effort to demonstrate my ethos in the introduction, and here I'll just add that I have a degree in communication studies (emphasis in rhetoric for those who want the details) for good measure. In some cases, ethos comes merely from your rank within an organization. More commonly, though, today's leaders build ethos most
    Three aspects of communication as outlined by Aristotle.
Kalin Wilburn

Digital Learning Day :: Home - 67 views

    you tube intro to digital learning day
    Join us as we create a national awareness campaign to celebrate innovative teachers and instructional strategies. Technology has changed the way we do everything from grocery shopping, to listening to music, and reading books. It's time to take action to leverage this potential with more innovative uses of technology in our nation's schools to ensure every student experiences personalized learning with great teaching.
Jess Hazlewood

Education Needs a Digital-Age Upgrade - - 75 views

    Columnist Virginia Heffernan reviews Cathy N. Davidson's book "Now You See It."  Heffernan discusses historical shifts in education in response to the needs of the workforce, and suggests we are in the midst of another shift currently as most of the jobs the grade-school generation will have are not yet in existence.  The larger questions are, "How do we prepare students for a society we can't really imagine," and "What skills can translate and give them the  most flexibility to adapt to the needs of this (most likely) digital landscape."  Heffernan concludes that our current model is outdated and a stronger emphasis should be placed on creativity and critical thinking. 
Bob Rowan

ISTE 2011 Eight Shifts - 0 views

    from Will Richardson's "This is Not a Unit: Eight Shifts for Every Classroom (and Every Leaner)" presentation during ISTE 2011
Bob Rowan

Eli Pariser: Beware online "filter bubbles" | Video on - 16 views

    Interesting topic to think about, as sites identify things we might be interested in and tailor information to our existing likes, will that prevent us from being exposed to ideas that don't back up what we already think? Will that further the existing polarization in our society?
Daryl Bambic

Welcome to - A Community for Education Leaders | - 88 views

    Connect with educational leaders/reformers around the world at
    Allan November talks about the role of the principal/school leader in educational reform. Four main goals for 21st century educators.
Bob Rowan

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills - State Initiatives - 84 views

    Examples of states that have incorporated 21st century skills into state standards. See links to individual state profiles on the left of the screen. West Virgina and North Carolina cited as particularly good examples

Tools for the 21st Century Teacher - 194 views

    An ebook that provides a comprehensive guide to Web 2.0 tools in the classroom.
Lee-Anne Patterson

YouTube - Learning to Change/ Changing to Learn: Student Voices - 58 views

    Great video about students and how they use technology., the role technology plays in their life
jodi tompkins

Technology for 21st Century Learning: Part 1 : 2¢ Worth - 94 views

    David Warlick
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