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N Carroll

Learning to Learn - 111 views

    Collection of sites that help you "Learn how to learn".
Jason Finley

Articles | What Makes Them Click - 79 views

    What if we applied the psychology of what makes technology attractive to our practices in the classroom? Using this idea, in addition to using more technology in the classroom, why not design the traditional human / face-to-face classroom experience to be more like what makes technology so engrossing to modern students? Do these principles sound familiar... Deliver information in bite sized chunks, Create mental models, Use short stories to help process information, Learning happens and is remembered through repetition, People are motivated by Progress and Mastery, Sustained attention lasts 10 minutes, and the use of Progressive Disclosure. Here are 100 little articles that could have big implications in the classroom.
Beth Panitz

Energizing Brain Breaks - What are Energizing Brain Breaks? - 124 views

  • s love them. Why do they love them?  Because they are fun and make you laugh.  They also challenge your brain.  Energizing Brain Breaks help you to cross the mid-line of your body which helps both sides of your brain engage.  It is suggested to use an Energizing Brain Break every 30 minutes with your class or audience.  You can imagine a class of students sitting most of the day.  Energizing Brain Breaks help student to stand up and be active every 30 minu
    OMG I love this!
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