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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Kirstie Truluck

Kirstie Truluck

Literacy defined - 60 views

  • Literacy represents the lifelong, intellectual process of gaining meaning from print.
    • Kirstie Truluck
      repeat in group forum: in addition to gaining meaning, this line should add MAKING meaning with print. And, print should be expanded to 'texts' thereby meaning digital, visual, auditory texts - not just print
Kirstie Truluck

Should You Flip Your Classroom? | Edutopia - 207 views

  • different forms of instructional video published online for students
  • primarily by Salman Khan's TED talk
  • obtaining core content prior to coming to class
  • ...9 more annotations...
  • classroom space was then used for critical thinking and group problem solving.
  • spend more time in the classroom focused on collaboration and higher-order thinking
  • lecture is still a poor mode of information transfer
  • Eric Mazur's talk Confessions of a Converted Lecturer
  • hype
  • Good teaching, regardless of discipline, should always limit passive transfer of knowledge in class, and promote learning environments built on the tenants of inquiry, collaboration and critical thinking
  • pedagogical skills
  • The science teacher in me is deeply committed to the process of inquiry, and arming my students with the skills needed to construct and test their own ideas. The AP teacher in me fears sending my students off to their examination in May having covered only a portion of all the content required
  • inquiry learning cycle.
    I like this concept - read more. Works against teacher as delivery system to be ignored.
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