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Nigel Coutts

What skills might our students most need beyond school? - The Learner's Way - 10 views

    It is tempting to make predictions of the skills that our students will need beyond their time at school. Such wondering can be a useful guide as we contemplate what we shall focus on with our curriculum. Unsurprisingly, there is no shortage of predictions for future skillsets published by educators, economists and analysts. What might we learn from such lists, and how should education systems respond?

Before Coffee, Facebook: New Literacy Learning for 21st Century Teachers - ProQuest - 35 views

  • we might start with our own experiences-developing digital insider perspectives so we can envision new pedagogy for our classrooms
    • kimdoyle
      teachers role
Deborah Baillesderr

Everything NO Single Teacher Should EVER Want to Know About EdTech, Digital L... - 95 views

    A good read and lots of resources.
Tonya Thomas

New Learning Environments for the 21st Century | John Seely Brown - 2 views

Tra Hall

7 Skills students need for their future - YouTube - 141 views

    7 Skills Students Need for the Future

Characteristics of 21st Century Teachers - 157 views

  • As others try to discover the next revolutionary idea to elicit changes in education, educators in the classroom are making things happen now, despite the hurdles they sometimes face. Innovative educators today are often referred to as 21st Century Teachers, and share many unique characteristics.
Patti Anderson

The 21st Century Teacher - 238 views

    Why use 21st century teaching??
    Thanks for sharing this Patti. I thought it was a great read. It very clearly articulates the many simple reasons why we do need to integrate technology into education and let it become as seamless as using pen and paper. The Evolution video was fascinating ...
Frederick Eberhardt - 28 views

    Later History Text by Lapsansky-Werner, E.J. (2008). A discussion of the historical impact of the History of American Advertising. Writer of Lapsansky-Werner, E.J. (2008). U.S. History of Modern America: Boston, Pearson.
Glenda Baker

21st Century Fluency Project - 106 views

    Criteria for potential digi.citizen course
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