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Jon Tanner


    A study documenting how teachers, leaders, and students experience Personalized Learning in Wisconsin Schools.
Lorinda Cain-Bowles - 47 views

    Personalized Learning implementation recommendations
H DeWaard

What Personalized Learning Is Not | Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension - 55 views

    I seem to have become an advocate for personalized learning, it wasn't intentional, nor do I think I am good one for the cause.  I believe in creating passionate learning environments where all stu...

Inside your teenager's scary brain - - 66 views

    Research on brain development in adolescents.
Maureen Greenbaum

Houston Strategies: The future of education is here, it's just not evenly distributed - 3 views

  • lots of student agency and teachers who've switched from lecturing to mentoring and guiding
  • approach is *far* more engaging for the kids, and therefore they learn so much more and faster.
  •  Acton's kids are testing 5+ years ahead of grade level (!),
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • they are too locked into the rigid, sequential, single classroom/teacher/subject model, both in their mindset and their physical buildings.
Jon Tanner - 27 views

    A practical guide to scaling personalized learning
Jon Tanner

The Aspen Institute - LEARNERS AT THE CENTER - Findings and Recommendations - 31 views

    Report from the Aspen Institute about policy changes and general philosophy changes needed in order to achieve student-centered learning, and the importance of technology to make this work.
Sharin Tebo

4 Steps to Empower Student Voice | The Remind Blog - 39 views

  • The term “student voice” refers to the input and perspectives of students, and describes how their voices and actions affect what happens in the classroom. Through developing their own questions, seeking out their interests, and driving their own learning, students become more involved in their education. With this involvement comes empowerment, as students are able to use their knowledge to contribute to the greater community.

  • 1. Inclusion

    When students feel that they matter and are included in the classroom community, they are much more likely to open up and share their perspectives.

  • 2. Integration

    Begin to integrate student voice into your daily lessons by creating more opportunities for students to contribute. This can come in the form of whole classroom discussion, small group activities, input on writing activities, and more

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  • At the transformational level, teachers can draw on student input to shape curricular goals for the class.
  • Student empowerment enables students to use their knowledge to contribute to the classroom and greater outside community. When students feel comfortable sharing their voices, they grow into positions of leadership.
      • Resources

        Encourage student voice in your classroom and school community with some of these helpful resources:

        • Student Voice: Student Voice has toolkit filled with classroom resources, student voice stories, and more that will allow you to transform your classroom into one where students can thrive.
        • Edutopia: Check out some of these great articles and resources for highlighting student voice in your classroom.
        • Students at the Center: Motivation, engagement, and student voice activities.
        • MindShift KQED: From student voices, learn what students say about being trusted partners in learning.

    Voice and Choice--Encouraging it in 4 steps to personalize the learning experience.
Sharin Tebo

OPINION: Personalization, Possibilities and Challenges with Learning Analytics | EdSurg... - 34 views

  • Many of these challenges result from trying to personalize within the context of traditional school structures that standardize the curriculum, the assessments, the grouping, and the instructional time.
  • a genuine problem: how to achieve the tremendous academic gains that are possible through personalized instructional methods within the constraints of a traditional classroom.
  • Knowledge maps

    Formalizing a learning map--sequences of connected concepts and skills that define how one masters a domain, such as beginning Algebra--and mapping student mastery on the map, enables intelligent learning systems to recommend the next concept or skill to be learned, propose aligned instructional content, and present appropriate questions and tasks to assess mastery.

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  • Learning analytics combines data from student models with data on learning behaviors, knowledge maps, and learning outcomes, and mines these data sets to identify patterns that associate student attributes and behaviors with successful outcomes.
  • Learning analytics marks a significant departure from traditional data-driven instructional strategies. That’s because so much more data is available to mine, make sense of, and use.
  • It is not enough to design cutting edge analytics to shape educational decision making if we do not understand how teachers can apply them to optimize student learning outcomes.
    Learner analytics to help personalize learning
Jon Tanner

Six Reasons You Should Start Setting Learning Goals With Your Students | The Institute ... - 90 views

    Why we need to set goals with students
Jon Tanner

Stop The False Generalizations About Personalized Learning - Education Next : Education... - 76 views

    Michael B. Horn debunks a critique of personalized learning. The critique basically equates "multiple intelligences" or "learning styles" with personalized learning, which is a straw-man argument.
Jon Tanner

Brainy Approaches to Learning | Students at the Center - 65 views

    Brain research about learning and how to be student-centered.
Jon Tanner

Education Week: Districts Get Creative to Build Faster Internet Connections - 27 views

    Summary of the challenges school districts face when trying to install dark fiber.
Jon Tanner

UW Flexible Option | Competency-based college degrees & certificates - 22 views

    A radical change for a major university- a degree program where you get credit for what you already know, and can work at your own pace. They even claim it's personalized.
Jon Tanner - 17 views

    Formal academic paper showing improved attitudes toward algebra when problems were modified to include topics of interest to students.
Jon Tanner

It is Personal and Dangerous Now | Rethinking Learning - Barbara Bray - 54 views

    "Teachers need to know how to facilitate a different kind of learning environment that is flexible, personal, and creative. Personalized learning means that learners own and drive their learning not the technology using algorithms based on performance that controls learning. Learners need to learn how to think on their own. This will not happen if adaptive learning systems control how and what they learn."
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