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Martin Burrett

UKEd Update: 22 January 2018 - 2 views

    Twitter, news, articles and more.
Martin Burrett

UKEd Update: 17 January 2018 - 3 views

    Update with edu news, articles, research and the best of Edu Twitter.
Martin Burrett

Nominations for Educators to Follow on Twitter 2018 - 13 views

    The UKEdChat communities nominations for great educators to follow on Twitter
Martin Burrett

UKEd Update: 12 January 2018 - 4 views

    The latest edu news, articles, resources, Edu Twitter activity to help educators be ready for anything
Martin Burrett

UKEd Update: 11th January 2018 - 1 views

    The latest edu news, articles, resources, Edu Twitter activity to help educators be ready for anything
Martin Burrett

Social Media Profile by @digicoled - 24 views

    "Printable template of a Social Media Profile. Write profiles during school trips, as historical or fictional figures, and many more possiblilities."
Martin Burrett

Map of Educators on Twitter - 17 views

    An internation map of educators on Twitter. Browse educators to follow and add yourself

The 3 biggest Twitter problems for teachers-and how to overcome them | eSchool News - 33 views

    • dahlb12
      Great Ideas! Social media is extremely hard to police
Martin Burrett

Map of Educators on Twitter - 47 views

    Map with over 2,000 educators from around the world. Add yourself via the free UKEdChat app.
Martin Burrett

A Social Media Journey - 19 views

    Back in 2011 I was working in the Middle East
    when a colleague introduced me to Twitter as a
    tool for professional development and connecting
    with fellow educators. Prior to this I was aware of
    Facebook and Twitter, however I considered both
    as being about nothing more than apps for sharing
    cute cat videos and status updates. I had a Twitter
    account for years, however hadn't thought about
    how it might be a powerful tool to help me become
    a better educator and provide me with a wealth of
    new ideas and resources which I previously had not
    had access to. I had barely used the account beyond
    the initial setup...
Jørgen Mortensen

This Is How to Use Twitter to Search for Educational Content ~ Educational Technology a... - 50 views

    "students to access content and resources that are both timely and relevant"
Glenn Hervieux

How to Optimize Your Social Media Profile | Shake Up Learning - 31 views

    Kasey Bell shares how to set up a good Twitter profile. Taking care of our brands as educators is important.
Martin Burrett

Session 315: Tips for dealing with disruptive pupils - 28 views

    "The discussion begun which participants talking about what they viewed as disruption. Most people agreed that swinging on chairs, being late and calling out were disruptive to learning (although many felt that the root causes needed to be identified and addressed), but there was genuine disagreement about pupil interaction and banter with some UKEdChatters saying this was an inappropriate distraction, while others said they enjoyed and welcome this, at least to a point."
Sharin Tebo

JOLT - Journal of Online Learning and Teaching - 62 views

  • All of them responded that Twitter allows them to build connections with educators beyond those in their immediate vicinity. These connections are purposefully made as a way to find and share resources and to provide and receive support. For example, Participant 8 stated, “My primary purpose is to connect with other teachers, so that I can learn from them and share resources that I find.” Similarly, Participant 9 wrote, “I am the only biology teacher at my school. I use it [Twitter] as a means of obtaining advice, resources and collaboration…I also use it to find out about new tech tools.”
  • Twitter has helped me to build a strong professional reputation
  • they follow educators. They also follow content experts and others who share professional interests.
  • ...11 more annotations...
  • Participants explained that they choose to follow people who are open, positive, and constructive.
  • “If their tweets seem to be of interest - providing ideas or resources, as opposed to just opinion - I will network with them.” Similarly, Participant 6 stated, “I look for people who interact and don't just post links.”
  • those they trust
  • Survey results show that nine out of ten of the respondents were able to give concrete examples of collaboration that occurred with fellow Twitter users.
  • Since Twitter is considered to be a social networking website, one aspect of this study looked at dialogue that transpired between followers to show evidence of collaborative conversations rather than unidirectional sharing of information.
  • These examples included ideas such as creating units, sharing of resources, students collaborating on projects between classrooms, exchanging professional materials and readings, writing book chapters, and even co-presenting at conferences.
  • beyond 140-character messages. That teachers moved discussions to forums that allow for deeper discussion and expansion of ideas is encouraging; Twitter does not seem to be a place to collaborate in depth, but rather to make those initial connections - a "jumping off" point.
  • how using Twitter has benefited them professionally. Four unique themes emerged from their responses:

    • Access to resources
    • Supportive relationships
    • Increased leadership capacity
    • Development of a professional vision
  • practical resources and ideas as a benefit.
  • opportunities for them to take leadership roles in developing professional development, organizing conferences, publishing, and grant writing.
  • This research study provides new insight into how teachers use social networking sites such as Twitter for professional purposes.
    Impacts of Twitter on professional lives
Glenn Hervieux

Twitter's missing manual / fuzzy notepad - 64 views

    Some interesting information on how Twitter works
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