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Martin Burrett

Using a backchannel by @nikpeachey - 42 views

    In my first post in this series - Getting students' attention - I mentioned the use of backchannels. This post should give you more information about the use of backchannels within the classroom. If you are working in a classroom where your students have internet connected devices, either through wifi or their mobile phone, using a backchannel can have a transformative impact on the way you can use technology with your students...
Anna Otto

TechieTeacher5280 - 79 views

    Details on the 3 amazing new features in #Google #Slides! #edtech
Deborah Baillesderr

TodaysMeet - 41 views

    I have a few students who have a very difficult time asking questions and contributing to class discussions, so I thought I would try out a backchannel tool to help them find their voice. I was amazed at how much more these students participated during the lesson. I used this site, it was very easy to use and you don't have to sign-up for an account. Also, the students do not have to sign-in to the site, they just put in the class name I set up.
Amy Burns

Free Technology for Teachers: Padlet Introduces Usernames to Replace Email Sign-in - 47 views

    Padlet is an easy to use backchannel and informal assessment tool.
Michele Rosen

geddit - 78 views

shared by Michele Rosen on 23 Mar 14 - No Cached
    Students rank their understanding in this free, real-time app.
Roland Gesthuizen - 4 views

    "This paper investigates the use of Twitter by an academic community in various conference settings, and poses the following questions: does the use of a Twitter enabled backchannel enhance the conference experience, collaboration and the co-construction of knowledge? How is microblogging used within academic conferences,  and can we articulate the benefits it may bring to a discipline?"
Brandon Raymo - Communication made unprecedentedly easy - 67 views

Trevor Cunningham - Understand Your Students - 86 views

    uses a web browser - students tell the teacher anonymously whether they understand the material or are confused by it - the teacher gets a continuous graph during the lecture. All responses are anonymous. 
    Very simple and and easy-to-use live classroom polling tool. $3/month with UNLIMITED students!
Jerry Weder

Celly - 12 views

shared by Jerry Weder on 18 May 12 - No Cached
    organize your world with mobile social networks fast, simple, universal access unlimited members connect groups together. Could have great use in schools.
    " bring movements closer together "
Scott Floyd -- Conferences - 72 views

  • is tool for involving audiences in presentations by letting them suggest questions and vote on each other's questions. is intended for conference or event organizers who want a new way to solicit questions from the audience and make better use of question and answer time.
    New free backchanneling tool from the MIT media lab.
    One of the aspects of that I'm excited about is the option to create multiple channels ahead of time. This will be a useful time-saver on the days when I have four consecutive classes and I want each class to have its own channel. Richard Byrne
    A tool for creating a backchannel.
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