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Martin Burrett

Reading and Learning - 19 views

    "Reading and learning seem to go together, but a shift in reading habits is changing the way we consume information and changing our relationship with a book. Should schools embrace this change, or celebrate a traditional model of reading and paper books? How are books being used in today's classrooms, and how could they be used better? What are the reading habits of teachers and how do educators use books to improve their teaching?"
Nigel Coutts

Inquiry vs Direct Instruction - The Great Debate and How it Went Wrong - The Learner's Way - 48 views

    There is a debate taking place in the world of education. It is not a new debate but recently it has gathered new energy and the boundary between polite discussion of opposing views and hostility has been stretched. The debate is that between those who are advocates of inquiry based learning and those who believe direct instruction produces the best outcomes. - This article explore how the debate has gone wrong and fails to serve the needs of learners.
Martin Burrett

Should the school day be extended? Pros and Cons of Keeping Pupils for Longer - 13 views

    "As we all know, education is an essential part of life but do kids spend enough time at school? Should their day of learning be extended or are they already doing enough in class? This topic has been debated over the years, so Sophie Davidson takes a closer look at the pros and cons of keeping children longer."
Martin Burrett

The Value of Argument by @History__Girls - 23 views

    "Debating societies may seem to be the preserve of Oxbridge and private schools, but there is a place for debating in classrooms everywhere, argues Gemma Jones Debating societies may seem to be the preserve of Oxbridge and private schools, but there is a place for debating in classrooms everywhere. From 'Why William Won the Battle of Hastings' to 'causes of the First World War', history is a natural subject to use debates to deepen knowledge in lessons. However, across the curriculum there is scope to engage the pupils in a structured debate to challenge misconceptions, structure arguments and encourage independent study. Additionally, participating in debates can develop confidence and public speaking skills."
Steve Ransom

DebateGraph - 53 views

    DebateGraph lets you explore and view individual debate and dialogue maps (and the graph of interrelated maps) through different types of bubble, box, tree and outline views that have complementary strengths, and that are accessed via the Views menu (above the map).
Amy Roediger

Debategraph - 10 views

    DebateGraph is an award-winning, cloud-based service that offers individuals and communities a powerful way to learn about and deliberate and decide on complex issues. It does so by enabling communities of any size to externalize, visualize, question, and evaluate all of the considerations that any member thinks may be relevant to the topic at hand - and by facilitating intelligent, constructive dialogue within the community around those issues. Moreover, each public map contributes to, and forms part of an accumulating graph of structured understanding across a growing range of topics, which, as the topics intersect, accelerates and enriches each community's understanding of the topics each is addressing.
Catherine Hainstock - 55 views

    IDEA is an international network teaching debate to young people. This site includes guidelines and teacher resources, a database of topics for debate, tournaments, and a system for managing tournaments if you plan to organize one in your area. Top resource!
Victoria Zhang

What's the Answer for Older People Who Are Out of Work? - Room for Debate - - 22 views

    Baby boomers have been hit hard by the recession. Millions of people in their 50s and 60s are unemployed; some have retired but wish they were still working. And yet research shows that older people have much to offer, particularly as educators and child care providers.
Martin Burrett

TrueTube - 55 views

    This site offers videos on a range of PSHE, citizenship, RE, the environment and other topics. It's a great set of resources for introducing difficult subjects to your class.
Roland Gesthuizen

Twitter Trumps Online Conference - Six Steps For Using Twitter For Your Conference Or E... - 1 views

  • At the end of the last day, we were all amazed at our Twitter experience. We felt connected to a new breed of professionals, the Twitterati, like never before and we saw the amazing power of instant feedback from social media applications like Twitter.
    "In this post Jeff Hurt (@JeffHurt) tells the story of using Twitter at a conference and then proposes some tips for Conference and Event planners wanting to use Twitter to enhance their events."
Tracy Tuten

Public vs. Private Universities: A Reply From the Trenches | Mother Jones - 0 views

    Thoughts on why private education may be better than public
Gregg Fletcher

Teaching the Controversy: Why the Creationism Vs. Evolution Debate Should Stay Out of S... - 56 views

    • Tammy Ahearne
      teaching controversy? Really?
  • 14 percent of high school biology teachers personally reject not only the theory of evolution but also scientific method, which teaches rigorous critical thinking skills and draws a clear path to the discovery of real truths and how to separate them from merely apparent truths.
    • Tammy Ahearne
      I don't understand how this can be rejected with the CCSS?
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  • The basic science of evolutionary biology underlies so many diverse disciplines that it can be considered a basic necessity of knowledge in modern scientific society.
    • Gregg Fletcher
      This statement is misleading in that it assumes the ID stand rejects small variations within an already preexisting genetic code.  Creationist and ID teachings both conclude that variations within the genetic code are essential to species survival.  The pseudo-proven evolution of species-to-species genetics does not need to be taught at any level in order for individuals to prosper at higher institutes of learning.
  • It seems today's Religious Right would raise a generation of kids who would perhaps conclude the lights are out because they used a curse word or took God's name in vain.
    Great for ten page paper

Economist Debates: Personal Computing - 28 views

    A debate on the future of personal computing (including desktops and laptops) with rise in the number of portable devices that can access online content through "the cloud".
Steve Ransom

Schools Debate Cursive Handwriting Instruction Nationwide - 67 views

  • she'd rather "move on" and focus class time on other topics.
  • choosing to teach cursive is not about aesthetics or preference, but about giving children the mental tools needed read English.
  • hreaded letter strokes help guide students' eyes left-to-right and definitively correlates reading with writing:
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  • "I absolutely get that we're moving in a world that's technology-based," she says. "But I'm of the old school that believes you can't forget where you came from to get where you're going. There could be a day the computer crashes."
    "Schools Debate Cursive Handwriting Instruction Nationwide"

Google Uncle Sam - 54 views

    This is the Government search component of Google. This is a GREAT way to find a lot of details and information for debate and diplomacy.
Steve Ransom

Online debate community for logical, passionate people - CreateDebate - 2 views

    CreateDebate is a social tool that democratizes the decision-making process through online debate.

Pro-Con Issue site - 2 views

shared by djmurph4 on 12 May 09 - Cached
  • We are an independent, nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity. We provide pros and cons on diverse controversial topics with facts and quotations from thousands of experts. Our sites are
    Critical thinking.
    Pros and cons of controversial issues. Read pro and con arguments for and against topics such as medical marijuana, euthanasia, prostitution, and more
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