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Nigel Coutts

Holiday Reading List - The Learner's Way - 35 views

    For those in Australia the end of the teaching year has arrived or is just around the corner. With holidays approaching now might be the perfect time to find a good book to read and reset your thinking ahead of the start of a new year. Here are my favourite reads from this year. 

Best Practices For Setting Up Effective Trello Boards - Trello Blog - 62 views

    Some pointers on how to use trello lists

10 Things Every College Professor Hates - Business Insider - 42 views

  • 1. Don’t use unprofessional correspondence.
  • 2. Don’t ask the professor if you “missed anything important” during an absence.
  • 4. Don’t ask a question about the readings or assignments until checking the syllabus first.
  • ...7 more annotations...
  • 3. Don’t pack up your things as the class is ending.
  • 6. Don’t grade grub.
  • 5. Don’t get mad if you receive critical feedback.
  • 7. Don’t futz with paper formatting.
  • 8. Don’t pad your introductions and conclusions with fluff.
  • 9. Don’t misrepresent facts as opinions and opinions as facts.
  • 10. Don’t be too cool for school.
    "10 Things Every College Professor Hates"
Yozo Horiuchi

Apps for Students - School just got way easier - 117 views

    A collection curated by Product Hunt, featuring products like Code4Startup, Hackr, Swifty, Code School , and DataQuest Beta

    A really nice list of sites and apps to learn coding...
Roland Gesthuizen

The 10 stuff-ups we all make when interpreting research - 14 views

    What do we actually mean by research and how does it help inform our understanding of things? Understanding what's being said in any new research can be challenging and there are some common mistakes that people make.
Roland Gesthuizen

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teachers Who Use Educational Technology Infographic - ... - 144 views

    "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teachers Who Use Educational Technology Infographic clarifies some of the habits highly-effective educators who utilize learning technologies might possess."
Roland Gesthuizen

The 27 Characteristics Of Highly Effective Teachers - Edudemic - 131 views

    "These fabulous tips are brief but powerful bits of wisdom from An Ethical Island. They're boiled down into simple and easy-to-digest ideas designed to help inform classroom teachers on the go. That's pretty much every teacher I know .. These ideas are broad and simple but useful."
Roland Gesthuizen

Lisa Nielsen: The Innovative Educator: 10 Proven Strategies to Break the Ban and Build ... - 60 views

  • The nice thing, however, about cell phones is that you don’t have to worry about distribution, collection, storage, imaging , and charging of devices. Consider working with your students to develop this plan, you may find that they build a strong, comprehensive policy of which they will take ownership and be more likely to follow.
  • Breaking the ban starts with the building of relationships with key constituents.
    when it comes to preparing students for success in the 21st century you not only have to think outside the ban, sometimes you have to dive in head first and break it. The following is a collection of ideas each teacher implemented to successfully break and/or work within the ban where they teach in an effort to empower students with the freedom to use their cell phones as personal learning devices.
Roland Gesthuizen

8 Principles For Disruptive Learning Environments | OnTheSpiral - 44 views

    "The key them to many of these principles is to expand the perceived sphere of possibilities.  A static and predictable world leads naturally to one set of strategies.  An uncertain and rapidly evolving environment favors an alternative set of practices.  As we shift more towards the latter the traditional models will increasingly be disrupted by new approaches that acknowledge the changing reality…

Roland Gesthuizen

7 Ways My Classroom Is Better Because I Connect | EdSurge News - 55 views

    "Here are seven ways that my students benefit from the online Professional Learning Network I have built over the years:"
Roland Gesthuizen

Five Rules for any Company that Wants to Make an RSA-style Video @ Lloyd Dangle - 61 views

    "I thought I'd share some of the things I've learned, so that you don't end up disappointed with the results when you embark on your own. Here are the elements you should have in place if you want to make an RSA knockoff and have it turn out great:"
Roland Gesthuizen

Minecraft-1001 Uses for Minecraft in Schools » Virtually School - 62 views

    "OK, it's not really 1001.  Yet."
Roland Gesthuizen

Coaching: Ten Essential Ideas | Powerful Learning Practice - 6 views

    "During the past several weeks, ten essential ideas, so far, have emerged for me that ARE the difference that MAKES THE DIFFERENCE.  Let's take a look at them."
Roland Gesthuizen

88 Teacher Interview Questions | Teacher Catapult - 91 views

    "Below are some sample teacher interview questions. These questions are quite common for high school, middle school, and elementary teacher interviews.  The difficulty level of these questions vary from easy to more difficult, but all of which are typical of a standard interview.  When given an interview as a teacher, it is important to realize that you can prepare for it just as you would for an important test.

Roy Sovis

The Mindset List: 2017 List - 89 views

shared by Roy Sovis on 20 Aug 13 - No Cached
  • As they started to crawl, so did the news across the bottom of the television screen.
  • As their parents held them as infants, they may have wondered whether it was the baby or Windows 95 that had them more excited.
  • Having a chat has seldom involved talking.
  • ...10 more annotations...
  • They could always get rid of their outdated toys on eBay.
  • Their TV screens keep getting smaller as their parents’ screens grow ever larger.
  • Plasma has never been just a bodily fluid.
  • Jurassic Park has always had rides and snack bars, not free-range triceratops and velociraptors.
  • With GPS, they have never needed directions to get someplace, just an address.
  • As they slept safely in their cribs, the Oklahoma City bomber and the Unabomber were doing their deadly work.
  • Their favorite feature films have always been largely, if not totally, computer generated.
  • They have never really needed to go to their friend’s house so they could study together.
  • They have always been able to plug into USB ports
  • Their parents’ car CD player is soooooo ancient and embarrassing.
    Want to feel old? Read this list about the college class of 2017.
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