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Clint Heitz

CATME | Smarter Teamwork Tools - 1 views

  • Assigning students to teams: CATME Team-Maker Self and peer evaluations and rating team processes: CATME Peer Evaluation Training students to rate teamwork: CATME Rater Calibration Training students to work in teams: CATME Teamwork Training Making meetings more effective: CATME Meeting Support
  • Gather information from students and provide feedback to students. Understand their student teams’ processes, team-members’ contributions, and students’ perspectives on their team experience. Be aware of problems that are occurring on their students’ teams Hold students accountable for contributing to their teams. Use best practices when managing student team experiences.
Clint Heitz

How To Manage Group Work - The Learning Scientists - 3 views

    A look at tools and resources regarding effective group work in the classroom.
Donal O' Mahony

One Device Per Group | eLearning Island - 26 views

    ..a continuation of my thoughts on One Device per Group!
Donal O' Mahony

Returning slowly…One Device Per Group… | eLearning Island - 29 views

    Perhaps there is too much emphasis on the possibility of Bringing Your Own Device (BYOD) and not enough on One Device Per Group.
Christian King

Symphonical - Make it fun to get things done - 5 views

    A team building tool that enables online collaboration. Seems very easy to use and powerful.
Martin Burrett

ThinkBinder - 118 views

    A Twitter-like social network study group platform. Post comments, upload and share files, use the collaborative whiteboard and text and video chat to help users study together when apart.
Stacy Olson

Remind101 - 114 views

    A safe way for teachers to text message students and stay in touch with parents - Free
    A service for texting between teachers, parents, and students that leaves all phone numbers confidential. Currently in beta and free.
Martin Burrett

Group Photo Sharing - ZangZing - 72 views

    I love this site. Create a group photo album where invited people can upload to photo album and you control who gets to see them. Great for school trips, sports days and performances.
Javier E

The Default Major - Skating Through B-School - - 41 views

  • Dr. Mason, who teaches economics at the University of North Florida, believes his students are just as intelligent as they’ve always been. But many of them don’t read their textbooks, or do much of anything else that their parents would have called studying. “We used to complain that K-12 schools didn’t hold students to high standards,” he says with a sigh. “And here we are doing the same thing ourselves.”
  • all evidence suggests that student disengagement is at its worst in Dr. Mason’s domain: undergraduate business education.
  • “Business education has come to be defined in the minds of students as a place for developing elite social networks and getting access to corporate recruiters,”
  • ...13 more annotations...
  • It’s an attitude that Dr. Khurana first saw in M.B.A. programs but has migrated, he says, to the undergraduate level.
  • Second, in management and marketing, no strong consensus has emerged about what students ought to learn or how they ought to learn it.
  • Gains on the C.L.A. closely parallel the amount of time students reported spending on homework. Another explanation is the heavy prevalence of group assignments in business courses: the more time students spent studying in groups, the weaker their gains in the kinds of skills the C.L.A. measures.
  • The pedagogical theory is that managers need to function in groups, so a management education without such experiences would be like medical training without a residency. While some group projects are genuinely challenging, the consensus among students and professors is that they are one of the elements of business that make it easy to skate through college.
  • “We’ve got students who don’t read, and grow up not reading,” he says. “There are too many other things competing for their time. The frequency and quantity of drinking keeps getting higher. We have issues with depression. Getting students alert and motivated — even getting them to class, to be honest with you — it’s a challenge.”
  • This is not senioritis, he says: this is the way all four years have been. In a typical day, “I just play sports, maybe go to the gym. Eat. Probably drink a little bit. Just kind of goof around all day.” He says his grade-point average is 3.3.
  • “It seems like now, every take-home test you get, you can just go and Google. If the question is from a test bank, you can just type the text in, and somebody out there will have it and you can just use that.”
  • “A lot of classes I’ve been exposed to, you just go to class and they do the PowerPoint from the book,” he says. “It just seems kind of pointless to go when (a) you’re probably not going to be paying much attention anyway and (b) it would probably be worth more of your time just to sit with your book and read it.”
  • concrete business skills tend to expire in five years or so as technology and organizations change.
  • History and philosophy, on the other hand, provide the kind of contextual knowledge and reasoning skills that are indispensable for business students.
  • when they hand in papers, they’re marked up twice: once for content by a professor with specialized expertise, and once for writing quality by a business-communication professor.
  • a national survey of 259 business professors who had been teaching for at least 10 years. On average, respondents said they had reduced the math and analytic-thinking requirements in their courses. In exchange, they had increased the number of requirements related to computer skills and group presentations.
  • what about employers? What do they want? According to national surveys, they want to hire 22-year-olds who can write coherently, think creatively and analyze quantitative data, and they’re perfectly happy to hire English or biology majors. Most Ivy League universities and elite liberal arts colleges, in fact, don’t even offer undergraduate business majors.
Carl Bogardu

Free, Easy to Use Calendars, To Do List, Photo Sharing, Group Email, File Sharing, Webs... - 105 views

    Social group area, could be ideal for classes or groups.
pjt111 taylor

Allow for export of bookmarks from a group - 18 views

    At the end of a semester, I had planned to create an annotated bibliography from the bookmarks students had made, but it turns out exporting bookmarks only works right now for bookmarks I have made. I proposed to diigo that they develop an option to export bookmarks from a group. Please click on this link and then vote for this idea. If you vote for it, we'll get it up the list of ideas for diigo to consider. Thanks, Peter Taylor
Tim Hornbacher

New Facebook Group: Mr. Foxhole's Classroom - 10 views

    Looking to connect with other educators? Now you can connect on Facebook. Join the group, Mr. Foxhole's Classroom. Just type "Mr. Foxhole's Classroom" in the search field at the top of your Facebook screen and join. It's as simple as that.
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