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Pistos Christou

Diigolet tag dropdown -- please make it optional - 125 views

Wade Ren wrote: > wonder if the slowness is browser-dependent. which kind of browsers are you using? As I've said, I tested on both Opera (9.5) and Firefox (2.0).

diigolet down drop dropdown tag


Italy's collapsed bridge accident death toll increased to 39 - 0 views

    This was the scene of the collapse on August 15th in the Genoa region of northern Italy. The Italian government announced on the 15th that the number of deaths caused by the collapse of the Morandi Highway Bridge on the 14th has risen to 39, and another nine people are seriously injured. This was

Apple's development of a collapsible iPhone is expected to come in 2020 - 0 views

    According to foreign media reports, Wamsi Mohan, analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, said that Apple is developing a collapsible iPhone that is likely to come out in 2020.

    Samsung's habit of delaying the collapsible smartphone Galaxy X may cause the company to lose its lead because the company's technology is not yet ready. This is bad news for Android.

Indian Prime Minister Modi rally speech on the scene of the collapse of the roof caused 67 people injured - 0 views

    a roof collapse occurred in the Midnapur area of West Bengal, India, injuring 67 people. At the time of the accident, Indian Prime Minister Modi was presenting a rally speech on the spot. Indian Prime Minister Modi held a rally speech in West Bengal, India. In the course of the speech, there was an
Djiezes Kraaijst

Highlights not appearing when searching: expand/collapse feature not working - 66 views

Great, thanks for looking into this. Maggie Tsai wrote: > Got it. A new bug triggered by some latest change - will fix

collapse expand highlight search search-feature searching tags

Graham Perrin

Diigo Feature Request: (Post Which New Features u want to see in Diigo) - 111 views

> thumbnail screen-shot Please enable e-mail notification for (2008-03-28), New feature: medium-size thumbnail with readable info for each b...

Diigo feature request feature requests feature features suggestion thumbnail

Klaas Kay

problem with expand/collapse - 32 views

I also have had the similar issue. This happens after the main maintenance of Diigo. I usually clipped something from the Web either texts or images besides the URLs alone. So most of my collecti...


Maggie Tsai

editing highlighted text - 50 views

jmresearch wrote: > I can already copy with Firefox w/o formatting. What I actually wanted was for my highlights to not be styled when I go to the "expanded" view in My Bookmarks. In the end, I d...

edit highlight


collapsible vegetable steamer basket - 0 views

    Stainless Steel Steamer Basket, 6-Inch Expands to 9.5-Inch Material: 18/8 Stainless Steel Finish: Mirror finish Size: 6 inches to 9.5 inches Pack: hang tag or customer design Shipment: Sea ship or Airship Steamer Basket Product Features: High grade 18/0 stainless steel steamer basket is extremely durable, stable, exceptionally strong and rust-free and appears as a beautiful brushed metal Diameter 18.2 centimeters to 28 centimeters height including legs 7 centimeters; already attached legs and center post makes it stable and durable Expandable and adjustable design fits various stock pots and pan; easy removal from pan with sturdy extendable central handle; compact and collapsible design saves storage space Can be used to steam vegetables, seafood, rice, dumplings, fish and even baby food Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup

Best Lightweight Collapsing Wheelchair With Extra Highlights And Advantages - 0 views

    This guide should enable you to figure out what the correct sort of wheelchair is for your condition, you will find out about classification, estimating, and furthermore a few insights about wheelchair what kind of embellishments are accessible when you choose to buy your collapsing best wheelchair.

Mexico earthquake: Race to find survivors under collapsed school - 0 views

    Rescuers are racing against the clock to reach survivors trapped under the rubble of a school in Mexico City which collapsed during Tuesday's earthquake.
yc c

collapsing two accounts into one - 3 views

I don't think so, I would advise to just delete one and reconnect the other to gmail/facebook


Webtwo Dozent

How do you un-expand annotations in My Library? - 88 views

I use Diigo-Lists in my (German) courses - students get there recommended resources (links / images / videos / presentations). If a list contains several presentations or videos (collected flash)...

regression suggestion diigo v5 help annotations annotation expand collapse

Graham Perrin

Expand / collapse annotations in V5 - 20 views

Please enable e-mail notification for (2010-07-04), How do you un-expand annotations in My Library?

annotations collapse resolved duplicate

started by Webtwo Dozent on 03 Aug 10 no follow-up yet
Graham Perrin

Request: Folders/Sub-sections in "My Lists" - 166 views

In recent versions of Diigo you can add section headings to a list, but there is no nesting.

bookmarks categorisation mylists

Mr. DiGi

Firegestures: Get Scripts - 0 views

    Control your Diigo Toolbar and add bookmarks by mouse gestures with Firegestures.
    Drag these links to Firegestures Scrips window: Diigo Show/Hide Sidebar Diigo Show/Hide Toolbar Diigo One-Click Save Diigo Bookmark This Diigo Email to... Diigo Collect Flash Sidebar controls: Diigo Bookmars Diigo Readers Diigo Annotations Diigo Add page Comment Diigo Friends Diigo Show bookmakrs/Hide Sidebar Diigo Search selected text in Sidebar
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