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reckoner reckoner

problem with expand/collapse - 32 views


started by reckoner reckoner on 24 Aug 08
  • reckoner reckoner
    When I try to view my annotations on my bookmarks page by clicking on the
    expand/collapse buttons, nothing is shown. However, when I
    visit the page, it shows that the corresponding highlights
    still exist there. Evidently, for some reason, they are not being
    shown on the bookmarks page via the expand/collapse buttons.

  • Klaas Kay
    I also have had the similar issue. This happens after the main maintenance of Diigo.

    I usually clipped something from the Web either texts or images besides the URLs alone. So most of my collections contain something that's needed to expand, otherwise I wouldn't be able to access them.

    What I notice from my end is that this expand/collapse problem happens after you made a full-text search or sorting via tags. This problem didn't show up, however, when you open the first page of your personal bookmarks/collections (by clicking My Bookmarks).

    Appreciated if the Diigo team would take a look at this problem and find solution very quickly. It's getting annoyed every time I use the service now.


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