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ajay godhwani

Group RSS Feed displaying Nodes out of order / missing - 50 views

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started by ajay godhwani on 17 Jun 09
  • Graham Perrin
    ajay godhwani wrote:

    > … chronology issue …

    > Anyone else seeing this?

    The date presented in the feed seems to be the date of modification of the bookmark.

    Annotations will affect a bookmark's presence in the feed.

    I wondered whether a simple thumbs up would bring a bookmark to the forefront of the feed, but in that does not seem to happen.
  • Graham Perrin
    ajay godhwani wrote:
    > … feed is still missing many of the Group's bookmarks.
    > Anyone else seeing this?

    I checked two private groups, found nothing missing from the feed.

    Is it possible that unexpected appearances in the twenty (the standard quantity for the feed) are mistaken for disappearance of other bookmarks?
  • Lars Bauer
    Graham Perrin wrote:

    > The feed will reveal past and future descriptions, comments, sticky notes etc.

    The feed also reflects renaming of tags. I dislike this reordering and wish it could be made optional at least. By default feeds should be sorted by date added.

    I use tag feeds for drawing other team members' attention to new links; if they want to explore new highlightings, comments, tags etc. they can do this at the diigo site.
  • Maggie Tsai
    Thanks for everyone's input .

    We have high priority tasks at hand now. When we have more time, will review our 1-mile long of "to-do" list :)

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