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Alberto Adrián Schiano

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bookmarking edit remove request url performance suggestion

started by Alberto Adrián Schiano on 15 Jul 07
  • Alberto Adrián Schiano

    I apreciate the addition of a form to add an url to my bookmarks.

    There is another request that is a must, also... (sorry)

    Could you add the possiblity of changing the bookmark's URL?
    I know the trouble of moving every comment and tags to the new url, but things work like this...
    I have noticed that the site is providing a way of using URL shortcuts to a requested URL. So, think of it as another shortcut! There should be a list of 'aliases' that refer to an URL. Even when the mentioned URL is no longer active, the server should check the validity of every alias before erasing an URL...

    If you want a real example of URLs that have changed and that were bookmarked by many before, try that was previously addressed by many as: ...
    So, in order not to loose all the bookmarks, you should add the option of 'changing' the URL... The real thing is just adding a valid alias to the previous URL. Later, when doing a clearance you should check the validity of every URL and aliases and if all have deprecated, just remove the bookmarks, but if any alias is still working you should leave it as the real URL and erase the invalid ones.

    This might be a little as turning everything upside down, but believe me, it is required and might improve the system's performance, I guess...

    Thank you for your great service.
  • Keith Mukai
    Bump!! Editing a URL is a necessary feature!!

    I annotated an article whose URL was subsequently moved to their "/archive/" directory. The original URL gets redirected to the "/archive/" URL, but of course my annotations do not follow to the new, permanent URL.

    This is a SIMPLE feature request that would make the site way more robust and usable!

    The fact that it was requested almost three years ago tells me that maybe I should stop bothering with this site and just give up on it entirely. I love the concept and I love how you've implemented your features--but there are too many unacceptable "gotchas" right now.
  • yc c
    If it's only for yourself you could use a redirect userscript (most browsers can support them)

    eg.: Tweak this script

    redirectTo = redirectTo.replace(/jello\.wordpress\.com\/*, '');
  • Graham Perrin
  • Graham Perrin
    > editing the URL is often NECESSARY

    You can do so using Diigolet, but beware of the consequences. See at least
  • Leon Kehoe
    I think it's insane that a bookmarking service doesn't let you edit URLs. Absurd!

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