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Contents contributed and discussions participated by Sam Breach

Sam Breach

Bug - I am seeing another user's sticky on my own Twitter Page - 37 views

started by Sam Breach on 18 Sep 08 no follow-up yet
  • Sam Breach
    I am minding my own business and hanging out on my personal twitter page and suddenly a sticky which I didn't put there appears. And I can't get rid of it:
    (floating sticky note)

    * Ian Cleasby Ian Cleasby 14 minutes ago


    My Twitter page ohhh how can I live without Twitter? I was serious I can't

    A work colleague had this exact same issue (with his twitter page and a diferent diigo user) yesterday and I wasnt really clear what he was talking about. Well I am now.

    Both of us have Diigo toolbars. It happened to him on a PC and to me on a Macbook Pro using Firefox 3.

    This is a bit unnerving - to have other peoples' stickies showing up in my own personal space. Is there some way I can stop this from happening and remove his sticky from my page?


Sam Breach

Group Invite Emails are not being delivered - 55 views

groups join by invitation only private
  • Sam Breach
    I have a "Private, Join by invitation only" of which I am the owner.
    I have tried three times on three different days (including today) to invite my colleagues to this group.
    I have tried both single emails and multiple emails at once.
    I entered the emails by hand.
    I am using Firefox 3.0 on a PC platform.

    None of the invite emails have been delivered and I am thus unable to share the contents of my group with my colleagues as I had hoped. Will there be a fix for this coming? I don't really want to have to take all those links to a different bookmarking service, but I do need to be able to share them privately with my colleagues soon.

    Good luck and thanks for your product

  • Sam Breach
    It seems to be working now, thank you very much for fixing the problem so quickly.

    Just FYI - another thing I noted when doing this:

    When I was adding email addresses I was typing them in by hand.
    By accident I put a comma after a name as I was typing.
    Then I tried to delete the name and retype it in without the comma- but by that time the field had already remembered the name with the comma and automatically filled out the field with that name and the errant comma.
    Eventually I got around this problem by refreshing the page (at which point the names I'd previously typed in became 'un-remembered') and starting all over again. It's nice that the field fills in for you, but if it doesn't allow you to override the automatic response then I guess some people are going to encounter problems down the line.

    Using Firefox3 on a PC

    Thanks, as always, for your fast responses and fixes.


    Joel Liu wrote:
    > Hi Sam,
    > The problem was fixed. Please check it.
Sam Breach

Sticky Notes not saving input & record no longer being Kept on Save Bookmark? - 42 views

sticky note
  • Sam Breach
    It worked for me earlier today.

    But alas, not now/

  • Sam Breach
    Hi Joel

    Thank you very much
    - It seems to be working again for me now so I suspect it was a temporary glitch.

    Keep up the good work on your site.
    I like it very much so far.
    Thanks to everyone involved in making this website happen.


    Joel Liu wrote:
    > Hi Sam,
    > The problem may be already solved and we can't reproduce it now. If you still experience the problem, could you tell us the exact steps to reproduce it?
    > Thanks.
Fuzbolero .

Is all of Diigo "up" after the maintenance? Cannot seem to access user groups. - 134 views

  • Sam Breach
    I am having a 'group' problem too. When I bookmark a page I can select my groups - but it no longer actually puts that bookmark in whichever group I select.

    I have also tried to move the bookmark to a group after the fact and The group selection box is empty, not showing my available groups.

    [I am using Firefox3 on a PC.]
  • Sam Breach
    Hi Joel


    I just did the following:

    1) Went to 'My Bookmarks'
    2) Selected (using the check box on the left) all of the bookmarks I created yesterday which didn't get put in their appropriate group.
    3) At the top of the list selected the middle 'Share to Group' tab
    4)From the list of my groups selected the appropriate group that I want these bookmarks to be in
    a) A grey pop up window appears with "The page at http://www.diigo says"
    "Oops server busy. Please try again later.
    b) The top/last/latest bookmark (which isn't one of the ones with a check mark), turns red.
    c) A little yellow rectangle appears over the very top of the page top (dark blue) menu bar
    with the word processing and a little dial going round
    When this happens my browser is 'locked' and I am unable to access any of my tabs until I have closed the little gray pop up window. The bookmarks are still not in ttheir approporate group.

    I am using a PC with Firefox3

    Hope that info is of some use to you


    Joel Liu wrote:
    > All these problems should be solved. Could you re-check them again?
    > Thanks.
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