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Henk Nouwens

Deleting bookmarks - 382 views

bug bookmark tag delete

started by Henk Nouwens on 29 Sep 09
  • Graham Perrin

    What route are you taking to deletion? Through Diigo online, or through an installed version of Diigo?

    What's your operating system, browser, and versions?

    Can you offer the URL of an affected bookmark?


    For as long as you can't delete bookmarks, tag them with the word
    trash or delete or wissen or whatever
    then after someone from the Diigo team has attended to this topic, you can
    and delete the results.

    I'm glancing at an unrelated topic only because it may be suggestive of work in progress by Diigo.
  • Henk Nouwens
    I use a tag. Then I delete a bookmark. It keep coming back.
    Diigo Online, Windows XP
  • Henk Nouwens
    The bookmarks above have a tag 'cob'. That tag is not visble in my list of tags. I deleted it a couple of hour ago. Apparently tags do reappear too after deleting them...
  • Henk Nouwens
    A deleted tag (not in list), but present anyway...
  • Henk Nouwens
    Thanks Graham, for the comforting words.
    I Hope that Diigo will improve shortly. There are some nice features with 4.0, but the mentioned issues (also in 3.0) spoil my appetite to use the service at times and makes me looking for alternatives...
  • Graham Perrin
    I'm lightly bugged by this, too.

    With a standard view of my library (three-way switch in its middle position) I opted to delete the bookmark that was originally matched by


    * the annotations (maybe four highlights) disappeared
    * the bookmark remains
    * the edit dialogue for the bookmark shows no tags but the search
      continues to match the bookmark.

    I tried switching to management view then checking the box then using the menu to delete, the bookmark reappears.

    Again, I'm personally not concerned about this - not because it's unimportant, only because I have seen it quietly fixed on past occasions.


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