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how can I delete my user account? - 2164 views

account delete help settings resolved

started by anonymous on 28 Sep 07
  • anonymous
    how can I delete my user account?
  • Joel Liu
    We will do it for you. However, could you kindly tell us why you leave diigo? We hope to hear your voice and improve diigo for all users.

  • anonymous
    would you please remove my account too
  • anonymous
    could you please delete mine? I can't contact you by email and I wanted to avoid using the forums because I don't want any posts lingering around. Its not that I didn't like it, its just that I don't use it.

    When you do delete my account, could you place an anonymous or such instead of my username? Or even better, delete my posts.

  • anonymous
    christophernyc wrote:
    > how can I delete my user account?

    I'd like my account deleted as soon as possible.
    i don't trust any site/service that doesn't allow users to
    delete their own accounts.

    frankly, I'm disgusted.
  • anonymous
    Please remove my account also, need to change username.

  • Joel Liu
    All your accouts were removed. You can remove your account in the next version.
  • Joel Liu
    linusseb, you account was removed.
  • jlayman
    I would also like my account deleted. Diigo is great, I just decided to make a new username to correspond with another website, and as great as this is, I don't really need two accounts.

    Thank you!
  • Pieter Vanautgaerden
    Please delete my account too. I have two accounts, and will be using the other one.

  • Maggie Tsai
    In the upcoming version, through a confirmation process, user can delete their own account. Since we're quite busy with lots of urgent matters now, we won't be able to attend to these individual requests now. Thanks for your understanding. Please be patient and wait for the new version soon to be released.
  • vinnypop
    could you please delete my account too. i am not really using diigo at all.
  • anonymous
    Please delete my account too.
    Diigo is too cluttered to be useful.
  • Graham Perrin
    I should recommend waiting until after the new version of Diigo is released.

    If you prefer to not try the new version, is your route to deletion.

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