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Alexander S

"Delete" does not work properly - 49 views

bug web delete

started by Alexander S on 12 Jan 11
  • Alexander S

    I've noticed, that I cannot delete certain tags completely.

    - I've got the tag "is:imported" ->
    - Now I tried to delete it by going to and clicking on "Delete".
    - The tag was assigned to 3337 bookmarks. After clicking on "Delete" for the first time, it was only removed from 1000 bookmarks, but the system said "Tag is:imported has been deleted".
    - Clicking on Delete a 2nd time removed another 500 or so items; 3rd time around ~1500 were gone and 4th time it was deleted completely.

    If the system says "Tag is:imported has been deleted" then I expect this to be true statement; ie. it has to mean that the tag is gone. That's not the case. I do understand, that there might be "system requirements" which prohibit that such a large number of changes is done "at once" - if that's the case, then the system must say so.


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