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Andrea ...

Impossible to delete a tag - 191 views

delete tag help

started by Andrea ... on 30 Dec 10
  • Andrea ...
    I can't delete a tag from the "edit" page... i try to rename it and delete, but after the confirm, the tag appear again in the list...
    what can i do?
  • sandy_diigo
    We have fixed this issue.Please check it again.
  • Andrea ...
    it's all ok! thanks
  • T R
    hm, are you sure Diigo? I still have the same problem Andrea described.
  • sandy_diigo
    @Thomas Ross This issue has been resolved. Please recheck it.
  • Shibela .
    @sandy_diigo I appear to be having the same problem of being unable to totally delete tags -- no matter how many times & ways I've tried to get rid of them.
  • sandy_diigo
    @Shibela Can you please tell us which tags can not be deleted and how you delete those tags step by step
    so that we can handle it ASAP?
  • Shibela .
    @sandy_diigo When I go to -- -- it's the first three listed that will not be deleted: "000+", "000-", and "1". All of these came about from importing my bookmarks, and the first 2 say that I have 1 bookmark while the last says I have 2 bookmarks there, yet when I click on the tag, it says that there are no bookmarks associated with the tags. So, I've tried to delete them by hovering the mouse over the tag-in-question, until given the option to 'Edit | Delete', and clicked on 'Delete' - they're still there - and then I've tried the 'Edit' option & deleting all in the field & then clicking 'Save', which tells me that it is deleting the tag-in-question, but it's still there -- days & then weeks later.

    I've had no problems with other tags that were chopped on the import, but mostly because I've gone to the bookmark-in-question & edited my tags that way, which makes me really wonder why there's a character-limit on the tags field, when we're only allowed to use 23 tags per bookmark anyway. Admittedly, because I do use a lot of tags & the tags aren't all short, this was probably part of the issue to begin with when re-naming the tags because that's what I originally started with, was clicking on the 'Edit' option on the Edit Tags page (linked above), and re-naming them to what they were supposed to be, and when it worked on all but 10 to 20 bookmarks, I went to the bookmarks-in-question & edited the bookmarks' tag field, which is how I found out about the character limit being there in addition to the actual tags-used limit. But after all the individual editing of bookmarks, those tags still appear in my tags list.

    To give you an idea of time frame, I imported all of my bookmarks around Dec. 4th, 2010, and started re-naming / editing the tags the next day after the import was complete.

    I hope that information helps.

    Thank you for the assistance!
  • anonymous
    i imported my delicious bookmarks to diigo then i tried to delete those unwanted tags, but they didn't disappear. the other day i create several new bookmarks and tags, the old delicious tags that i wanted to delete was just gone. i don't know why but finally the issue was solved

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