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Greg Clinton

iPad Workflow 2: Managing Class Blogs with Blogsy, Reeder and Google Reader - 87 views

    2nd ipad workflow for teachers - how to manage a bunch of class blogs and monitor/assess student blogs with a simple, organized setup.

Life is not a race to be first finished » Blog Archive » Enhancing Workflow o... - 0 views

    iPad workflow
Roland Gesthuizen

TeachThought23 Ways To Use The iPad In The 21st Century PBL Classroom By Workflow - 148 views

    "The iPad is not magic, and as many educators have found integrating them meaningfully is by no means a just-add-water proposition. The same applies to Project-Based Learning."
Christian King

Design Thinking for Educators - 4 views

    A toolkit that encourages educators to design solutions to workflow problems in the classroom, which in turn will help students and teachers understand the process of design thinking as used in business. An excellent resource with inspiring videos.
Glenn Hervieux

Put a Hashtag in the Google Classroom Assignment Title - Teacher Tech - 78 views

    Great way to help with your email workflow and keep up with your Google Classroom email notifications.
Glenn Hervieux

Top 10 Tips and Tools for Managing Too Many Browser Tabs - 50 views

    Great tips for handling the workflow in Google Chrome - some great extensions suggested here help with this.
Philip Pulley

Cool Cat Teacher Blog: A New Workflow for Me: Ipad, Keyboard, iPhone - 1 views

    • Philip Pulley
      Using Splashtop streamer at school, it both computer (laptop) and iPad are on the same wireless network you can control the computer from your iPad. If a hard wired internet connection on a desktop you can access it though your Google account.
  • I finished this post on my PC in the office because the Zemanta plug in
    • Philip Pulley
      A blogging tag tool, I need to check it out down the road when I am blogging more.
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • and used the PowerTeacher
    Blog with resource information for iPad, iPhone and iPad keyboard.
Kelsey Vroomunn

Aggregating google forms quizzes for easy grading - Chimera EDUCATION - 70 views

    Workflow to grade multiple google forms quizzes at once
Stacy Olson

Take the Hassle Out of Students Turning in Assignments | Teacher Tech - 145 views

    Using autocrat Script to help with workflow and avoid handing in work issues like: incorrect header on doc, not naming the file to the class, forgetting to share document with teacher, forgetting to turn assignment in.
H DeWaard

15 Best Google Drive Add-Ons for Education - 167 views

    Vicki Davis looks at EasyBib, Mindmeister, track-changes, table of content, thesaurus, template gallery, texthelp study skills and highlighting tools, workflows, Uber conference calls, consistency checker, gliffy diagrams, twitter curator, Kaizena, document merge, and open clip art.
Nigel Coutts

Collaborative Learning with Google Docs - The Learner's Way - 72 views

    Something is missing from my classroom lately and I am quite happy to have seen it disappear. It is the traditional line at the teacher's desk formed by students awaiting feedback on a recently completed piece of writing. What has replaced this is our use of Google Docs and Slides as a tool for the collaborative development of ideas from initial thinking and strategising through to final editing and refinement. It has introduced a new workflow to the class that both streamlines the process of providing feedback, allows for greater detail and transforms the process into one that is richly collaborative.
Steve Kelly

See the history of changes made to a file - Docs editors Help - 29 views

  • If you want to see the changes you and others have made to a document, spreadsheet, presentation, or drawing, you can check the revision history.
  • Reverting to a previous version of a document doesn't eliminate any versions, but it moves this previous version to the top of your revision history.
    Important! When accessing Revision History and 'Restoring a Previous Version', no changes are 'eliminated!' The selected version is simply moved to the top of the revision history panel. This is huge: it means that students can't inadvertently (or intentionally) remove edits that form the history of the collaborative document!
Trevor Cunningham

Digital Roadtrip * Unique method for accessing student work on iPads? - 116 views

    Provide formative feedback quickly with a class set of iPads.

Layers Magazine « The How-to Magazine for Everything Adobe Layers Magazine - 1 views

shared by navclarke on 20 Jun 12 - Cached
  • DR Expose 2 Plugins Processing HDR images to get just the right effect can be as much art as science. The new HDR Expose 2 from Unified Color Technologies (UCT) aims to help you find the right balance between the two, so you get just the finished image you want without headaches and frustration. 0 Continue Reading Using Scripted Patterns in Photoshop CS6 CS6 One of the problems with pattern fills in Photoshop is the complete lack of randomness you get in shape, color, and position. Just think about it: a real brick wall isn’t made from perfectly identical bricks; each brick varies in color, texture, and even size. That’s why Adobe added the ability to apply scripts to pattern fills in Photoshop CS6. 0 Continue Reading 2D to 3D in Photoshop CS6 Extended CS6 Stephen Burns shows viewers how to take an image of a 2D object and transform it into a 3D object using depth maps in the new Photoshop CS6 Extended. 1 Continue Reading Corel AfterShot Pro Product Reviews Corel’s first professional photo catalog and RAW editing software, AfterShot Pro, is based on a number of technologies—Bibble Pro, Noise Ninja, and Perfectly Clear—that are widely known and respected in the photography world. It’s available for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. 0 Continue Reading Photoshop CS6 Type Styles CS6
Roland Gesthuizen

Five Rules for any Company that Wants to Make an RSA-style Video @ Lloyd Dangle - 61 views

    "I thought I'd share some of the things I've learned, so that you don't end up disappointed with the results when you embark on your own. Here are the elements you should have in place if you want to make an RSA knockoff and have it turn out great:"
Kate Pok

Collecting, Annotating and Redistributing Student Work using an iPad, GoodReader, Dropb... - 129 views

    • Kate Pok
      Google docs and rubrics vs. annotating in iPad- now set comments in the rubric, I can quickly mark it up and send it back to students...I would have to do all the markups by hand in iPad. Advantage in iPad of course is that it's portable.
    iPad workflows for teachers helps you figure out how to get things done with an iPad. Goodreader, Dropbox and Jotform. Not just a review of apps, but a way to use them together.
    This is the dream classroom in my opinion! Less bulk to carry home at night and available everywhere.
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