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Paul Beaufait

10 Student-Tested Chrome Extensions | Edutopia - 33 views

    All free or with premium options!
Glenn Hervieux

A Must Have Tool to Track Students Writing ~ via Educational Technology and Mobile Lear... - 56 views

    Draftback extension - Amazing!
Glenn Hervieux

Is Google Chrome Hogging Your Memory? Do This to Free Up RAM! - 113 views

    *Several best practices for managing Google Chrome so that it runs more efficiently. There are several things to choose from, which is nice. Customize it to your needs.
Glenn Hervieux

Top 10 Tips and Tools for Managing Too Many Browser Tabs - 50 views

    Great tips for handling the workflow in Google Chrome - some great extensions suggested here help with this.
Glenn Hervieux

Chrome App and Extension Database | Shake Up Learning - 86 views

    Over 125 good Chrome apps and extensions to use in education provided by Kasey Bell. Check them out!
Lisa C. Hurst

8 Google Chrome Extensions for Students with Learning Needs…And Everyone Else... - 159 views

    Awesome extension tools for Google Chrome
Clara Bakken

Extensions and Web Apps - Chromebook Classroom - 104 views

    Explanations for what an app and an extension are as well as great list of links.
    Great list of extensions and apps for use in the classroom
Leanne Grandjean

Extensions, Add Ons and Apps, Oh My! How to Utilize Google in Your Classroom | EdSurge ... - 104 views

  • Google Chrome also has a library of special tools you can access through the browser called Apps, Extensions and Add-ons that can make your life in the classroom easier.
  • Extensions are mini programs that modify and enhance the functionality of the Google Chrome browser.
  • Google Chrome Apps are like desktop software programs you install on your computer, except that you use them directly within your browser.
  • ...2 more annotations...
  • Add-ons are extra features within Google Drive that enhance its functions.
  • it allows you to take one article and differentiate it in up to five different lexile levels, which Newsela does by changing vocabulary and sentence structure.
Steve Ransom

6 Chrome Extensions for Students « Kyle B. Pace - 7 views

    The Read & Write for Google Docs extension would be great for ELLs. You could even screen record it with highlights to support learning.
    I passed this on to my Special Edu teachers simply for Read & Write. Great extension!
    Super! I think how it highlights words, has a picture dictionary and audio pronunciation of words/vocabulary, translation feature... offers a great deal in support of reading and language.
Bill Selak

Aviary Screen Capture - Google Chrome extension gallery - 38 views

  • Take a screenshot of any webpage and edit it directly in your browser with applications
Jason Rhode

Awesome Screenshot: Diigo Extension for Google Chrome - 54 views

    Diigo extension for Google Chrome allowing the following: 1. One-click screen capture 2. Annotate the screen shot with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text 3. Crop (or clip) any part of the screenshot 4. Save the screenshot or copy to clipboard.
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