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Getting Started with Chrome extension - Diigo help - 36 views

  • Use the “Save” option to bookmark a page. Bookmarking saves a link to the page in your online Diigo library, allowing you to easily access it later.
  • Highlighting can also be accomplished from the context pop-up. After the Chrome extension is installed, whenever you select text on a webpage, the context pop-up will appear, allowing you to accomplish text-related annotation. Highlight Pop-up Menu – After you highlight some text, position your mouse cursor over it and the highlight pop-up menu will appear. The highlight pop-up menu allows you to add notes to, share, or delete the highlight.
  • Sticky Note Click the middle icon on the annotation toolbar to add a sticky note to the page. With a sticky note, you can write your thoughts anywhere on a web page.
Steven Engravalle

How To Customize Google Chrome For iOS And Make It Your Default Browser [Jailbreak] | C... - 1 views

    If you're a Google Chrome for iOS fanatics out there, you'll be pleased to hear that a couple new Cydia tweaks have surfaced to make Google Chrome the best Safari replacement around.
Bjorn Behrendt

GW Podcast Episode 9: Multiple User Snyc for Chrome - 31 views

    This week they are talking about having multiple users being able to log into chrome at once. This is not the "sign-on as a different user" setting in Google Apps, but rather being able to have a second set of bookmarks, formdata, theme and more by signing in as a second user into chrome.
Emily Mann

The Wilderness Downtown - 47 views

     Chrome Experiments of fun with html5 are meant to show off the clean and fast beauty of the new code.  Of  course Google wants you to see it in Chrome for full effect, and I would encourage that as Chrome is an easy and responsive browser, you try it out.  The Wilderness Downtown is a great example of an interactive and connected multimedia experience that mashes together Google Maps and Earth with a driving tune to blast you to your past.  Go in and enter your old address and feel the nostalgia of swooping over your childhood home with a soundtrack and pacing just for you. Students are making digital stories.  They may not be writing html5 apps, but they are accessing, or can access, many sources of media to deepen their message.  A showing of a story like what you help create with The Wilderness Downtown experiment can inspire students to consider how they can use everyday tools like Google Earth to connect with an audience. Just go to and type in your address. 
Glenn Hervieux

Use Google Chrome as a Free Voice Recognition Software with Dictation - 134 views

    "Meet Dictation v2.0, a web-based speech recognition app that will transcribe your voice into digital text using the Chrome Speech API. You can also install Dictation as a Chrome App." I tried it and it works pretty well. No special software is needed, so it will run fine on a Chromebook.

SpeakIt! - Chrome Web Store - 86 views

    Chrome extension
    Google has come a long ways on text-to-speech. This page has a video demonstrating the Chrome plug-in with a variety of languages. What a great addition for students who learn better by listening. ( I believe you'll need to view the page with the newest version of Chrome or FireFox 4, or IE 9)
Trevor Cunningham

How to Create Chrome Apps and Extensions for your Website - Tutorial - 104 views

    Make regular content more ubiquitous with hosted/packaged browser apps and/or Chrome extensions. RSS feeds, Google Forms for daily journals, flip video...whatever you can think of!
Glenn Hervieux

Chrome App and Extension Database | Shake Up Learning - 86 views

    Over 125 good Chrome apps and extensions to use in education provided by Kasey Bell. Check them out!

Save to Pocket - Chrome Web Store - 22 views

    One way to read pages later as they are stored offline. The chrome (and Firefox?) addons store the pages on your laptop etc. The phone apps also store the pages
William Weaver

21 Bookmarklets To Fire Up Google Chrome [List] | Social Web Tools - 2 views

    Great Source of Bookmarklets for Chrome! Diigo is on the list!
Doug Henry

Chrome 11 Has Speech Recognition - 101 views

    The latest Chrome browser has microphone input and speech recognition built into HTML 5 - to use, install Chrome, plug in your mic - go to the Sitepoint page - it worked for me!
Brian Davis

Chrome for iOS: Send A Webpage Back To Safari Via Bookmarklet - MacStories - 9 views

  •'ichromy://http'+location.href.substring(4)); This is how I made the chrome bookmarklet for Diigo. This is my first functional bookmarklet hack!
Oskar Almazan

What's new for Diigo Chrome extension 2.1 - 102 views

    • Brian Davis
    • Thieme Hennis
      very nice.
    • Steve Kelly
  • As you can see, this is a significant update that our team has worked really hard to deliver. We hope you like the changes, and would love some 5-star ratings from you! If you have specific ideas or feedback, please join us at our user forum. The changes include the following:
    • Brian Davis
    • Cassandra Molsen
    • Oskar Almazan
    • Oskar Almazan
    Using a Chromebook in the classroom
Glenn Hervieux

How to Read .ePub Ebooks on Firefox and Chrome [Quicktip] - 1 views

    In this quick tip, we are going to share with you how you can open *.ePub files on your browser with EPUBReader on Firefox and MagicScroll on Chrome. These extensions are made as a minimalist ebook reader that will allow you to browse through ebooks directly from these two browsers.
Andrew Williamson

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 10 of The Best Chrome Apps for Math Teachers - 89 views

    "This is a list that comprises some of the best math apps and extensions in Chrome store. We have literally gone through hundreds of apps to finally decide on the apps that would make the cut.These extensions are meant to help kids develop math skills through a wide variety of exercises, activities, games, interactive simulations and many more. Some of these apps are integrated with Google Drive and are also available for  iPad, Android, and Chromebooks."
Glenn Hervieux

Is Google Chrome Hogging Your Memory? Do This to Free Up RAM! - 113 views

    *Several best practices for managing Google Chrome so that it runs more efficiently. There are several things to choose from, which is nice. Customize it to your needs.
Ruth Sinker

Chrome Dojo - 58 views

    Chrome learning space developed by AmplifiedIT
Wayne Holly

Add an Image Dictionary to Chrome - 89 views

    Image Dictionary is a Chrome extension that enables users to right-click on a word and quickly find an image that is representative of that word.
Trevor Cunningham

Extensionizr - boilerplate for your chrome extension - 27 views

    Create a skeleton for developing a Chrome extension to distribute to your students.
Marc Patton

Google Chrome Tips for teachers - 167 views

    Here are three ways you can use Google Chrome to find, convert and graph information.
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