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My Monaro

Alphabetical Order? - 171 views

started by My Monaro on 04 Jul 10
  • My Monaro
    Hello All,

    I have started using diigo today and the ease of using bookmarks online looks to be an advantage. One question though.

    I have searched the forum posts and have read some postings from a year or so ago with regard to the wish for a feature which will sort bookmarks in a list view or in "my library". At the time of the posts this feature was not available.

    Is there anyway to sort bookmarks alphabetically?

  • Graham Perrin
    > some postings from a year or so ago

    Please, can you give the links for those topics?
  • My Monaro
    Hello Graham,

    Thanks for the reply. Here are some of the posts where I have referred to people wanting to sort and display bookmarks in alphabetical order.


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